20 Of The Funniest Fan Reactions To TXT Yeonjun’s Acting Debut

MOAs are meme-ing it up on Twitter.

Today, TXT‘s Yeonjun surprised fans by unexpectedly appearing in a K-Drama preview. He will be making his acting debut on the show Live On. To celebrate, here are 20 of the funniest MOA reactions to the news so far.

| Big Hit Entertainment

1. Soobin weighs in

2. Is time travel a thing yet?

3. The question of the year

4. Excuse me, what?

5. Current status:

6. This unofficial audition

7. A good reason to have perfect attendance

8. Wildin’ on Weverse

9. Welcome home!

10. The Nation’s Delulu Enabler

11. His power

12. Wish granted?

13. December 29th in a nutshell:

14. MOA.exe has shut down

15. There is no “moving on”. There is only suffering.

16. Girl, we just want to talk

17. Again with the books!

18. Which one are you?

19. Nothing to see here

20. Calling into work like: