TXT’s Yeonjun Debates On Which Of His Hair Colors He Finds Looks Best On Him

It’s a hard decision! He looks great in all colors!

It’s true, MOA loves TXT‘s Yeonjun in all the various hair colors he has had, but surely everyone still has a personal favorite! Yeonjun also has a favorite hair color of his and recently revealed it in his interview with GQ Korea!

1. Ash gray vs. pink

Though he loved his pink hair during its time, Yeonjun confessed he favors his ash gray hair in the end.

If I got this question right after I dyed my hair, then I would’ve picked pink, but I’m leaning towards gray these days. I’ll pick ash gray.

— Yeonjun

2. Ash gray vs. black

Though ash gray won against the pink, Yeonjun picked his stylish black hair over it.

My fans love black. I think black is making my face look more clear. I’ll go with black.

— Yeonjun

3. Black vs. cotton candy

This must have been a tough decision for Yeonjun as he exhaled a small sigh before he answered the question. He ultimately stuck with his black hair color as the hair he felt he looked the best in.

It is a unique color, but I perfer black now. I’ll pick black.

— Yeonjun

4. Black vs brown

Unlike when he picked between his black and cotton candy hair color, Yeonjun easily chose his black hair color over brown.

I’ll go with black.

— Yeonjun

5. Black vs blue

It seemed as though black was Yeonjun’s overall favorite hair color; however, Yeonjun claimed his blue hair definitely beat his black hair.

I cannot say anything about blue. My fans love it and it was my personal favorite. I’ll go with blue.

— Yeonjun

Blue wins in the end and I think all MOAs can agree that Yeonjun’s blue hair era was truly stunning! All of his hair colors were. We can’t wait to see what hair colors he’ll try next!

Check out the interview below:


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