5 Random Facts About TXT’s Yeonjun That You Might Not Have Known

He had an extremely flattering (and well-deserved) title before he even debuted!

TXT is still a pretty young K-Pop group, but they’ve been able to show their talent and charisma since the beginning of their careers. While all of the members have their own skills, Yeonjun is the focus today, and he rightfully deserves the attention!

He’s very multi-talented, having the position of a rapper, dancer, and vocalist within the group! He’s also the oldest member of TXT, though he is full of youthful energy. Whether you’re already a fan of Yeonjun or just want to learn more about him, here are 5 facts you should find interesting!

1. He was extremely skilled even before he debuted.

Usually when a person goes through a trainee period at a K-Pop entertainment company, there are monthly evaluations to determine how well a trainee is doing and keep track of their progress, and they’re often ranked among other trainees. In the 4 years that Yeonjun was a trainee at BigHit Entertainment, he spent an entire year constantly getting first place in all areas of training! Because of this, he was known as the company’s “legendary trainee”.

2. He was apparently very popular in school.

Despite the fact that Yeonjun had to transfer to different schools throughout his childhood, he apparently was so friendly and outgoing that he was able to make friends and become popular easily! In fact, it’s even said that his friends would cry when he would have to switch schools. But really, who could blame them — who wouldn’t want to be friends with Yeonjun?

3. There’s a rumor that he started at a different company before BigHit Entertainment.

Though it hasn’t been confirmed, there’s speculation that Yeonjun spent time training at a different company before he joined BigHit Entertainment. While it’s true that he did audition for Cube Entertainment and did actually pass the audition, it’s less clear if the rumors that he spent 3 months training there before he switched to BigHit Entertainment are true or not. Hopefully it will be clarified someday!

4. His handsome but cold looks may give people the wrong impression at first.

There’s no doubt that Yeonjun is a handsome guy, though he has naturally icy visuals that may make people think he’s intimidating or serious. In reality, he’s actually quite an emotional person, and also isn’t afraid to show aegyo and is known to be a little eccentric!

5. He’s a model.

Despite still being a rookie idol, Yeonjun already has had some modeling experience! Some of the companies he’s modeled for include It’S SKIN, SKOOLOOKS, and Lotte Duty Free Shop.

Hopefully you learned something new about this extremely multi-talented idol today!

Source: Doyouram


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