TXT’s Yeonjun Reveals Which Style He Feels Best Suits Each Member

He styled them well!

During his time at Allure Korea, Yeonjun answered a series of questions asked by his fellow members. Most of the questions pertained to Yeonjun and his style; however, member Beomgyu asked a question that addressed all the members: “From Yeonjun’s perspective, what style suits each member?

Here are the styles Yeonjun believe suits each member:

1. Soobin

Yeonjun shared that handsome member Soobin honestly doesn’t need anything extravagant. Instead, he believes Soobin would look the best with a “Neat style.

Soobin looks good with neat style. Rather than excessive style, neat style like knit or cardigan suits better.

— Yeonjun

2. Beomgyu

Yeonjun’s answer for Beomgyu’s best-suited style was simple and matched his personality perfectly. Perhaps it’s because Beomgyu would look great in many styles!

I think Beomgyu should wear cute furry clothes.

— Yeonjun

3. Taehyun

To go along with Taehyun’s sharp visuals, Yeonjun matched him with sharp pieces of clothing such a blazer or fitted pants!

Taehyun looks sharp, so it suits him well when he wears a suit or a blazer. He also suits well with pants that fit perfectly.

— Yeonjun

4. Hueningkai

Of course, Yeonjun believed the group’s adorable maknae’s cute personality looks best with cute and colorful attire!

Hueningkai seems to suit well when he wears it cutely or colorfully. Hueningkai has an exotic appearance. Hueningkai suits well with everything and anything.

— Yeonjun

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