Here’s What Type Of Man Each MOMOLAND Member Is Attracted To

When it comes to a certain type these girls prefer personality over looks.

1. Nancy

The group’s maknae has said in the past that she is attracted to someone who has a lot of dignity and high self-esteem. She has also mentioned she is attracted to people who have goals.


BTS‘s Jin is known for having great self-esteem and he’s constantly pushing himself to even greater success with his group, so someone with a similar personality and traits may suit Nancy‘s ideal type.


She could also be interested in someone that is equally as hardworking as Kim Tae Dong of Produce 101 Season 2 who continually strives to achieve his dream, even working part-time at a cafe!


2. JooE

MOMOLAND’s resident fun girl wants someone equally as fun as her. She’s also attracted to men who are considerate and charming.


EXO‘s Baekhyun is known for his fun and playful personality while at the same time being extremely charming. Her description could fit someone with a personality like his.


She could also be attracted to men with similar personalities to NCT‘s Jungwoo. He is especially known for his silly antics and his kindness, and perhaps JooE would like someone that is equally as silly and kind.


3. Yeonwoo

In the past, Yeonwoo has said she likes someone who at first seems to dislike her but actually loves her very much. She’s also said that she likes people who are funny and can make her laugh.


GOT7′s Jackson is known to be one of the funniest guys around, so someone like him may suit Yeonwoo’s preferences.


Yeonwoo has also said that she favors those who may appear cold but really have a heart of gold. Someone with a personality similar to SEVENTEEN‘s Minghao could fit the bill!


4. Daisy

Daisy has said that she wants to date someone who can teach her a lot of things. This could mean that Daisy is attracted to people who are educated, someone that has a different kind of knowledge from her, older than her, or even someone that has been in the idol business longer than her among others.


Since Daisy wants someone who will be able to teach her something, she may look for a man with similar qualities to recent university graduate and actor Park Bo Gum.


5. Hyebin

Meanwhile, Hyebin has said that she likes someone who is full of surprises. For instance, someone who is cynical but has a cute personality. She also wants someone who will be able to understand her really well too.


BTS’s Suga is known to spit fire when he raps but fans know he’s actually a sweetheart, so someone like him may be able to win over her heart.


On the other hand, ASTRO‘s Eunwoo is known for his laid back personality and is able to get along with others easily, so someone like him may check off Hyebin’s other ideal type traits.


6. Nayun

Nayun has said she likes someone who has a nice smile and who does push and pull well.


A sweet and genuine smile, like iKON Bobby‘s, could be what Nayun first notices in a man. A man with a similar caring smile might be able to capture her heart!


7. Ahin

Ahin wants someone who is manly, caring, and works hard for his goals.


EXO‘s Kai is known for his manly charms, hardworking demeanor, and caring nature. A man with similar qualities could win Ahin’s heart in the future.


8. Taeha

In an interview with MyDaily, Taeha confessed that the the number one thing she looks for in a guy is a genuine and beautiful smile.


She also named Jung Hae In as her ideal type after she watched Prison Playbook.


9. Jane

While Jane hasn’t openly talked about what kind of traits she likes in a man, rumor has it that she became an idol because of INFINITE‘s L!


It’s believed that she used to be a fansite manager for “Baby’s Breath”, a fansite dedicated to INFINITE’s L and Sunggyu.


If the rumors are true, then perhaps these two idols possess certain charms that she looks for in her ideal man.

Source: MyDaily