These Are The Most Underappreciated B-Sides On Every Red Velvet Album

According to Spotify play count, these 12 Red Velvet songs need a lot more love.

Red Velvet recently became the only SM Entertainment artist (and third K-Pop group overall) to reach 5 million monthly listeners on Spotify. However, many of the “B-side Queens”’ amazing tracks still have shockingly few listens on the platform. Let’s take a look at the most underappreciated song on each of Red Velvet’s albums determined by Spotify plays.


1. “Remember Forever” — The Reve Festival Day 3

1.76 million streams on Spotify

“Remember Forever” is Red Velvet’s touching way of wrapping up The Reve Festival trilogy. This pop ballad combines antique piano sounds and waltz rhythms with heartfelt lyrics about memories shared together. In the lyrics, the song’s title is spelled “Remember foReVer”, highlighting “R” and “V” for both Red Velvet and ReVeluv.


2. “Jumpin’” — The Reve Festival Day 2

1.86 million streams on Spotify

This R&B track features a strong, peppy beat with an interesting drop in the chorus. Despite being the most underappreciated track on the album, it’s also one of the most unique with great guitar and synth layers.


3. “Parade” — The Reve Festival Day 1

2.39 million streams on Spotify

“The Reve Festival Day 1” wasn’t a summer-themed album, but Parade was definitely a summery track. In fact, the Korean title of the song translates to “Hello, Summer”. The upbeat tempo and dinging bells in the instrumental give the song a fun, playful feel that evokes childhood holidays.


4. “Taste” — RBB

1.83 million streams on Spotify

“Taste” starts off with a cute monologue written by Red Velvet’s Wendy herself and wraps up the mini album with sweet R&B and Hip-Hop sounds. One of the song’s highlights is the unique rap sequence between Wendy, Irene, and Yeri.


5. “Mr. E” — Summer Magic

2.30 million streams on Spotify

Underappreciated “Mr. E” has something in common with one of Red Velvet’s most popular b-side tracks, “Zoo”—both feature animal sounds. The sounds of jungle creatures create the background for a catchy tune with a great hook and powerful ad-libs.


6. “Time to Love” — The Perfect Red Velvet

3.14 million streams on Spotify

All Red Velvet songs are known for great vocals, but this is one of the tracks that highlights each member’s singing strengths the best. The warm harmonies at the end of the song, meanwhile, show just how perfect they are as a vocal quintet. “Time to Love” is also Yeri’s favorite Red Velvet song, so all ReVeluvs should give it a listen.


7. “Mojito” — The Red Summer

2.26 million streams on Spotify

Just like the drink it’s named after, “Mojito” has a refreshing vibe. This energetic song is the perfect way to pep up when you’re hanging out with friends or taking a summer drive.


8. “Last Love” — Rookie

1.33 million streams on Spotify

This tender ballad is solid proof that Wendy is one of the best vocalists in the game. It’s unusual in Red Velvet’s discography in that it’s a solo, sung by Wendy alone. Despite that, she has no trouble filling the track with her billowy vocals, making it no surprise that “Last Love” is also one of Irene’s favorite Red Velvet songs.


9. “My Dear” — Russian Roulette

1.36 million streams on Spotify

The final song on this mini album, “My Dear” is the sweet cherry on the “Russian Roulette” cake. This track features funky 80s undertones with bubbly vocals and charming lyrics. It may not be the most attention-grabbing song on the album, but it’s still a charming listen.


10. “Rose Scent Breeze” — The Velvet

1.20 million streams on Spotify

Not including the remixes of “One of These Nights”, “Rose Scent Breeze” is the most underappreciated track on this album. The only subunit song in Red Velvet’s discography, this track features the group’s vocal line: Wendy, Seulgi, and Joy. It starts off as a simple, elegant ballad before building up to a unique orchestral instrumental with an electric guitar solo.


11. “Lady’s Room” — The Red

1.82 million streams on Spotify

This song follows the Red Velvet members on a girl’s night out, highlighting the fun of friendship. Most of the song is girly and catchy with an old-school vibe, but the climax breaks things up with a slowed down, stripped back bridge.


12. “Stupid Cupid” — Ice Cream Cake

1.81 million streams on Spotify

The “Ice Cream Cake” album blended mature sounds like “Automatic” with youthful songs like the title track. “Stupid Cupid” falls into the second category as the Red Velvet members sing about their wish for cupid to bring them their crush. It’s crisp and peppy with a bluesy tone and fun guitar riff.

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