This Song By BLACKPINK Has Deep Meaning And Is Underappreciated

This song deserves more attention for its beauty.

Many people might know BLACKPINK for their more upbeat and hip-hop style songs, such as “Kill This Love”, “Whistle”, “DDU-DU-DDU-DU”, etc. They do have a song that’s a bit different from most of their songs that have music videos, which is their song “Stay”. It’s their least viewed music video (still has a ton of views in general though).



Let’s take a look at a few reasons why this song deserves more love, attention, and is being underappreciated.


1. Vocals

Unlike a lot of BLACKPINK title songs, “Stay” focuses heavily on vocals and is more slow-paced compared to their other title tracks. It shows the emotional vocals skills of Rosé and Jisoo as they sing in a slower and softer tone. It also shows the versatile rapping of Jennie and Lisa because they rap in a more consistent slow tone and are emphasizing emotional lyrics.

2. Meaning

This song is one that focuses on its lyrics and emotional factors. There are multiple interpretations of this song.


Some would say that it’s about holding onto a loved one, even though it would just cause them more pain. That love is a strange feeling and you can’t fight loving someone, even if it hurts.



Another possible meaning of the song could be about wanting to stick with those who have always been staying by your side and that you consider special. That once life goes on and relationships start to dull, that’s when you try your best to stay with them and have them stay with you.



There could be multiple meanings of this song, but all of them point to it being an emotional and beautiful one.

Watch the M/V below.