20 Of The Most Underrated Idols In K-Pop You Need To Know About

They’re so talented, but for some reason they’ve been overlooked all this time.

K-Pop is becoming more and more of a global phenomenon. And while more and more idols have been gaining recognition from fans from all over the world, others continue to be overlooked despite overflowing with talent.

Here are just some of the most underrated idols in K-Pop that need more fan recognition, as chosen by fans themselves:


20. Hyojin (ONF)

Hyojin’s wink should be enough to make him a star, and yet curiously enough, he isn’t too well-known yet!


19. Soyeon (Laboum)

While Laboum is slowly gaining more and more attention, you should be aware of Soyeon, the group’s powerful vocalist!


18. Jeup (IMFACT)

Just one look at Jeup and you’d be curious as to why he isn’t more famous than he is. After you see him perform on stage, you’ll be even more confused!


17. ONE

ONE made a hot debut under YG Entertainment, but we haven’t heard much from him since. Fans who’ve listened to his music know that he deserves more work and more attention for sure!


16. Himchan (B.A.P)

You can argue that B.A.P as a whole is underrated, and Himchan is definitely one of the most underrated members in the group!


15. Shin (Cross Gene)

In addition to being an idol group member, Shin is also quite an accomplished actor, having been in several dramas, including Legend of the Blue Sea with Lee Min Ho and Jeon Ji Hyun!


14. Jeong Sewoon

Because he’s more of a musician than an idol, Jeong Sewoon often gets overlooked by idol group fans. But anyone who’s seen his aegyo or listened to his music knows he’s the real deal!


13. Holland

Male soloists often don’t get the attention they deserve, and Holland is another perfect example!


12. Taeil (Block B)

Although many fans associate Block B with hiphop (likely because of Zico, one of Korea’s top rappers), Taeil shines as Block B’s main vocalist!


11. Lee Hi

Although she’s under YG Entertainment, Lee Hi definitely needs more recognition for her talents. With such an amazing voice and range, it’s a surprise she isn’t more of a star than she already is!


10. Donghun (ACE)

You might not have heard of ACE before, but everyone who knows the group can agree that Donghun (in fact, the whole group!) needs more attention!


9. Elkie (CLC)

Elkie used to be an actress in Hong Kong, but she joined CLC and is now thriving as an idol! Although still relatively unknown, Elkie has impressed fans with her constant improvement and perseverance!


8. Mei Qi (Cosmic Girls)

Mei Qi is not only a talented dancer and singer, but she’s also working double, promoting in China as well through the group’s double-label.


7. Jimin (15&)

As a former winner of K-pop Star, there’s no question that Jimin is talented. But she’s also a great host with a great sense of humor and a strong personality!


6. Feeldog (Bigstar)

Feeldog is still relatively unknown to mainstream fans, but his talents and visuals earned him a coveted spot in project group UNB!


5. Hui (Pentagon)

Pentagon is still a very young group (and they’re on the rise), but Hui is already produced a lot of songs!


4. Amber (f(x))

While f(x) continues their indefinite hiatus, Amber has ventured into a variety of activities. From producing her own songs and music videos to her very own YouTube channel, there’s nothing Amber can’t do!


3. Lay (EXO)

While Lay is part of one of the biggest K-Pop groups of all-time, not many people know how hard he works for his group. Promoting in China as one of the country’s top stars, he has stayed loyal to EXO for years and years, despite the allure of China’s lucrative entertainment market.


2. Chaeyoung (TWICE)

While Chaeyoung is known for being TWICE’s main rapper, most non-fans don’t know about her other talents. Not only is she an amazing vocalist as well, but she’s also a very gifted artist. She designs a lot of TWICE’s merchandise, including shirts, shoes, bags, and banners!


1. Eric Nam

Eric Nam is probably one of the most talented vocalists in all of K-Pop. And in addition to his beautiful voice, he’s also a top MC and has amazing sense whenever he’s holding an interview. Not to mention, he’s touring North America right now – with 16 stops in 1 month! Now that’s endurance and dedication!