5 Underrated Rookie Groups Who Deserve Way More Love

Why aren’t they more popular?

These rookie groups are just getting started in their careers but, with the support of their loyal fans, they may one day climb to the top of the K-Pop ladder!


1. IN2IT

IN2IT is 7-member boy group that debuted on October 26, 2017 with their EP Carpe Diem and its lead single, “Amazing”.


Their high energy, dance bops are catchy, fun, and should definitely be added to your K-Pop playlist.


On July 26, IN2IT dropped their second single album, Into the Night Fever, which has three awesome songs, including “Sorry For My English”.


KCON LA attendees were lucky enough to see this rookie boy group perform live on August 11, 2018.


2. Good Day

Good Day is a 10-member girl group formed by C9 Entertainment that debuted on August 30 last year with the mini-album All Day Good Day. 


Good Day may be a rookie group, but several members were already active in the entertainment world prior to joining it. Haeun was in a 3-member girl group called Littles but never debuted, Heejin took 3rd place in Superstar K5, and Bomin acted in the movie No Breathing, as the younger version of Girls’ Generation Yuri‘s character.


So far, Good Day only has one music video, for their first lead single “Rolly”, so fans can’t wait to see what they do for their comeback. Fun fact, Wanna One‘s Bae Jinyoung makes a cameo!


3. TRCNG (Teen Rising Champion in a New Generation)

TRCNG is a 10-member boy group formed by TS Entertainment. They were the first boy group the agency had launched in five years. Their last boy group to debut was B.A.P, in 2012.


TRCNG made their debut on October 10, 2017 with their first EP, New Generation, and its powerful lead single, “Spectrum”. This group has the perfect mesh of gorgeous vocals and badass rapping, which is something B.A.P fans are especially bound to love!


The group’s last Korean comeback was in January with the supernatural single “Wolf Baby”. It’s been many months since their first single album Who Am I? dropped, so hopefully TRCNG will be making their long-awaited comeback soon!


4. Elris

This gorgeous 5-membered girl group debuted on June 1, 2017 under Hunus Entertainment. Elris have everything you could ever want in a bubblegum pop girl group: cheerful vocals, cute concepts, and lovable members!


The music video for their first EP’s title track, “We, first”, has a carnivalesque Alice in Wonderland theme that will make you sweet on every single member.


Elris came back on June 28 with their beachy bop, “Summer Dream”, which matches the group’s previous releases, in terms of sound and concept. Summer may be coming to an end now, but you can relive it every time you listen to “Summer Dream!”.



VICTON is 7-member boy group under the label Plan A Entertainment. They entered the K-Pop world on November 9, 2016 with their EP Voice to New World and have released three other fantastic EPs since then.


A few months prior to debut, the members starred in a Mnet reality show called Me & 7 Men, which chronicled the group’s preparations for their debut. The show gave fans a chance to get to know the members on a more personal level before VICTON made the transition from trainees to idols.


VICTON came back in May with their easy-listening ballad, “Time of Sorrow”. Many listeners will be able to relate to the song’s nostalgic lyrics and school-themed music video. “Time of Sorrow” is about wishing happiness to someone you miss while hoping to one day be reunited with them.