10 Unedited Moments From “R to V” That Show Red Velvet Irene’s Unbelievable Visual Prowess

Red Velvet’s Irene looked beyond beautiful at today’s concert.

Red Velvet‘s Irene is known all over the world for her jaw-dropping beauty, among many other things. While she is unbelievably beautiful in every picture of hers ever posted, there’s something about her IRL visuals that makes fans go crazy.

The group’s recent concert, R to V, held today at KSPO Dome, was the perfect place for fans to experience watching the Red Velvet superstar up close. The result was countless incredible photos and videos taken during performances in which Irene is quite literally glowing. But it was these 10 in particular that made fans in the venue and those all over social media go crazy.

1. “Pose” Close Up

Always praised for her stage presence during Red Velvet’s “Pose” performances, Irene definitely shocked all 15,000 fans in the venue with this close-up.

2. “ZOOM”

Seductively chanting “remember, remember, remember” has never made anyone look this good before.

3. “Bad Boy” solo dance

“Bad Boy” Irene is an experience we all pray to have someday, and the lucky fans at KSPO Dome got the big bonus of watching the K-Pop superstar perform a sexy solo dance break too!

4. “Beg For Me” ending

As if her visuals weren’t enough, the fact that Irene is telling the listeners “beg for me baby” while looking incredibly gorgeous totally made fans experience a sensory overload.

5. Iconic “Peek-A-Boo” Ending Pose

You can’t think of Red Velvet’s “Peek-A-Boo” without thinking of Irene’s viral ending pose (which gave us an unbelievable visual moment from the leader once again).

6. Princess Outfit

Irene’s gorgeous pink outfits from the concert complimented her beautiful visuals and created a scenery that you otherwise only witness from a Disney movie princess.

7. During her speech to ReVeluvs

Irene’s words to her fans were as sweet as her in that moment, with fans rushing to take as many snaps and clips as possible the second the big screen zoomed in on the idol’s gorgeous face.

8. “Good” and “Evil” Irene

One of the concert’s VCRs showed the members as two counterparts, this scene in particular created the idea that it was a meeting between “Good” Irene and “Evil” Irene, both of which were looking stunning in their own unique way.

9. Gorgeous red ribbon-themed outfit

Irene loves some ribbons… and we love some ribbons on Irene too!

10. “You Better Know”

No better way to end the list than with the song that finalized Red Velvet’s concert, Irene’s adorable face as she jumped along with the fans to “You Better Know” made for an amazing visual moment.

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