10 Unedited Photos Of aespa’s NingNing On The 76th Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet That Show Her Unreal IRL Visuals

Flawless from every angle 🔥

aespa made their Cannes Film Festival debut at the Cannes Chopard Art Gala on Tuesday, attending the event alongside fellow global celebrities.

The members stunned in their coordinated all-black dresses with Chopard earrings, necklaces, and rings as global ambassadors of the luxury jewelry brand.

(From left:) aespa’s Winter, Giselle, NingNing, and Karina at the Cannes Chopard Art Gala

The next day, the four talented idols hit the 76th Cannes Film Festival red carpet in completely different looks.

aespa on the 76th Cannes Film Festival red carpet

Each member passed the infamous unedited Getty Images test with flying colors at the art gala and continued to captivate netizens with their stunning visuals on the red carpet.

Aespa Survives The Unedited “Getty Images” Test With Their Flawless Visuals At Chopard In Cannes

Media and fan sites made their way to the red carpet to take photos of the festival’s hottest stars, and aespa’s NingNing shined in unedited photos taken during the event.

Check out 10 unedited photos of aespa’s NingNing at the La Passion De Dodin Bouffant red carpet that show her unreal IRL visuals!

1. She knows how to make an entrance

NingNing wore a stunning Versace dress and strappy platform pumps with gorgeous Chopard earrings, a glamorous Chopard necklace and matching ring.

This photo capturing her arrival at the red carpet event looked straight out of a movie scene.

2. A natural on the red carpet

NingNing was a natural posing on the red carpet.

3. The main focus in out of focus photos

Her effortlessly sultry gaze made this unedited preview photo look straight out of a magazine.

4. Gorgeous from every angle

NingNing worked every angle on the red carpet and showed that her naturally gorgeous visuals don’t need any retouching.

5. The main event

NingNing was the main event and shined, even in photos taken from a camera’s display.

6. Every photo is art

NingNing looked incredible in every photo.

7. Poses like a pro

NingNing nailed the classic over the shoulder look as she neared the end of the red carpet.

8. A royal exit

Before entering the premiere, NingNing waved to the fans and press present, creating a picture perfect moment.

9. Flawless

No flaws in unedited close-up photos.

10. A shining Cannes debut!

NingNing truly shined during her 76th Cannes Film Festival red carpet debut!