Unedited Snapshots of Irene Reveal How She Really Looks IRL

It’s just not fair.

Irene’s beauty knows no limits and has no concept of IRL because it’s all same to her. Here are instances that show off how beautiful Irene is without tech-support.

1. Here’s Irene standing going to work

2. Here’s Irene with her fan (possibly being surprised at her fan being surprised at how beautiful she looks in person)

3. Here’s Irene’s flawless skin shining through and through

4. Here’s Irene looking beautiful on a summer day

5. Here’s Irene just saying hello to her fans

6. Here’s Irene in a photo that shows her true height

7. Here’s Irene throwing confetti in an unedited video

8. Here’s Irene being the cutest wearing the cutest hat ever designed

9. Here’s Irene just talking, breathing in air and breathing out beauty

10. And here’s Irene looking at you, looking at her

Source: Nate Pann and Naver Blog