5 Unpopular K-Pop Fan Opinions That Will Make You Gasp So Loud You’ll Scare Yourself

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People have a lot of feelings, particularly about things they’re passionate about, and understandably so. Sometimes, people don’t know where to vent those feelings, but thankfully, confession pages on Tumblr exist! So, with that being said, here are 5 anonymous fan opinions that will make you gasp so loud that you startled yourself!


I hate how Kpop fans think they are better than police or that they can do police job during a scandal/serious crimes. Honestly, we don’t know everything only listening to rumours, so to say that person A or B also commited a crime/or knew about it, when investigations found nothing about them, it’s ridiculous



I wish people would realise that hating on superm is not a personality trait. It’s literally just a group composed of members from other groups, like any one of the million collab groups sm has created in the past. When Younique unit was announced, literally everyone was asking for it to become permanent, but not when sm makes another unit permanent it’s somehow a problem?? If superm bothers you that much then just ignore it, what’s so hard to get??



i was really disappointed bc some army didn’t like the black swan art film bc bts didn’t appear, when it was a very artistic video talking about the emotions of the boys



I wish companies would place a larger focus on harmonizing, especially with groups that do not have strong vocalists. It would do some groups wonders.



Most people don’t really care for cultural appropriation at all. They just like using it to hate on groups that aren’t their favourites.


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