Here Are 13 Unpopular K-Pop Opinions You May Or May Not Agree With

What’s your unpopular K-Pop opinion?

We all have one thing in common: K-Pop. Unfortunately, this does not stop us from disagreeing on quite a bit, especially pertaining to K-Pop.

During a Twitter Spaces chat room, things got spicy as K-Pop stans began to voice their unpopular opinions. It began a trend of sharing #KpopUnpopularOpinions online. Many users actually had a point so here are 13 you may or may not agree with.

1. Solo stans are the worst.

Lowkey popular unpopular opinion.

2. Shipping idols is really weird.

They’re real people, not fictional characters.

3. K-Pop music videos > everything else.

Opinion or fact?

4. Girl groups are held to a higher standard than boy groups.

It’s the sexism for me.

5. K-Pop is a genre of music.

Also, once again, idols are people.

6. Give 4th Gen idols a break.

Everyone’s struggling right now.

7. Everyone needs therapy.

This includes idols and trainees.

8. Fan wars are dumb and pointless.

At the end of the day, the idols are all friends so why can’t we all be friends as well?

9. There’s no room for racism, xenophobia, or colorism here.

Can we put a stop to cultural appropriation too?

10. We’re not born delulu.

Fan service might be to blame.

11. Lipsyncing is not always a bad thing.

Sometimes, it’s even necessary.

12. Bias ≠ bestie


13. K-Pop shouldn’t always come first.

Remember to prioritize.

Source: Stray Kids/@hycrsh and BTS