10+ Unreleased BTS Songs We Need Studio Versions For ASAP

These unreleased tracks and demos deserved to see the light.

BTS have released over a hundred songs, but there are some songs that have slipped between the cracks. Here are 10+ demos and unreleased songs that need studio versions ASAP!

1. Every song from this 8-minute orchestral medley

2. Suga and J-Hope’s “Otsukare”

3. WINGS trailer remix

Technically, this remix is already a studio version, but it’s only a minute long. We want the full song!

4. AGUST D’s “Tony Montana” featuring Jimin

5. Jungkook’s “Decalcomania”

6. V’s demo version of “Spring Day”

7. The jazz version of “DOPE”

8. “Kajjafeeluv” aka the first version of “FAKE LOVE”

9. This “Young Forever” demo

10. “Serendipity” feat. Jimin and RM