5 Upcoming Pieces Of BTS Merchandise That Will Bankrupt ARMYs

ARMYs are going to be so broke.

BTS is expanding into every market in the coming months. From literature to toys and of course to music, ARMYs who want to get all of BTS’s gear are going to find their wallets empty rather quickly.

1. BTS Mattel Dolls

Mattel announced their collaboration with BTS a few months ago and confirmed that the dolls will be wearing the “Idol” outfits more recently. ARMY will have to flash some serious cash to get all the dolls but it’s probably worth it.

2. BTS Funko Pops

BTS’s Funko Pops were recently announced and are currently available for pre-order. They are set to release sometime in March and some retailers are even offering a seven pack to get all the members.

3. BTS “The Notes”

BTS are making their literary debut with the release of their book based in the BTS Universe. It is entitled “The Notes” and tells the plot line through the diary entries of the member’s characters.

4. BTS Uno

Looks like Mattel will also be producing a BTS-themed Uno set. Now you can have fun with all your fellow ARMYs as well, though “friendly” games of Uno are famous for breaking apart friendships.

5. Their upcoming album

And of course their music! BTS has teased an upcoming album and it’s been all but confirmed to be coming out sometime in the first half of 2019.