The Urban Dictionary Definitions Of ATEEZ’s Members Will Make You Laugh And Agree

ATINYs have a lot to say about their faves!

Urban Dictionary is a fun website where anyone can post definitions of commonly used slang words, abbreviations, or, sometimes, people’s names. There have been a ton of uploads defining certain K-Pop idols’ personalities and some of them are pretty hilarious and accurate! ATEEZ may still be a pretty young group, but there are several definitions for the members on the website. Check out some of them below, and see how accurate you think they are.

1. Hongjoong

He truly is the king of duality:

“The leader and lead rapper of the group ATEEZ. He is one of the softest humans on the planet, and his little giggle saves lives. He is always smiling and just wants everyone to be a happy human. When he’s on stage though, he becomes the devil himself and the duality is insane. Offstage, he is the ultimate uwu king and loves his other members and fans so much, it’s so cute oml what the fluff, I’m crying just writing this. Just love Kim Hongjoong, he deserves it.” — yeet108

2. Seonghwa

Short but accurate:

“a beautiful man who can bias [wreck] you [anyday]. prettiest smile. he has the cutest laugh.” — atinymars

Don’t let his sharp looks fool you:

“A sweet, caring person who is the oldest member of Ateez. His vocals are heavenly but his looks can be deadly. He resembles Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon, and is such a mother figure.” — otakuwarrior

3. Yunho

This is relatable:

“the cutest man alive. all of atinys dreams are to hold his hand. we also want to touch his hair. light by ateez is a superior song because i always hear yunho’s voice and i feel like crying bcs its angelic thanks. treasure is a bop.” — mingisbutt

His height really is no joke:

“A freakin giant who everyone is afraid of but is actually kind and caring. When you’re down he’ll cheer you up with some Harry Potter spells and make fun of himself to see you smile.” — Choisan99

4. Yeosang

He may seem sweet, but he’s savage:

“birthmark near his left eye. he’s a sweet angel that’s quite and shy. but don’t mess with him, or he’ll expose you (ask his members lol) he’s very nice and innocent but at the same time savage. his voice is calming and beautiful. He’s best friends with wooyoung~ <333.” — igotayeosang

His most important traits?

“Yeosang is a vocalist in the Korean boy band ATEEZ who loves chicken and loves atiny.” — Sanssidehoe

5. San

Everyone loves him for good reason:

“An amazing member of an extremely talented group called ATEEZ. His eyes crinkle up and his dimples show whenever he smiles. He also has beautiful freckles scattered on one side of his neck and also has the prettiest moles on his face, especially the one by his eye. He’s so bright and he lights up your world. Even if he isn’t your bias, he still has your heart. He is the most adorable and kindhearted person, especially when he is talking to ATINY. He is also sometimes called Santan because when he performs on stage, he will literally wreck you with his facial expressions and dancing skills. He also has the most adorable friendship with Wooyoung. He is the most hardworking and loving person in the world!” — sanslovealarm

His duality is on another level:

“Member of kpop group ATEEZ. A literal angel. But acts like he is possessed when he is on stage. Duality is on point: he is both the cutest baby ever and the hottest person you will ever lay eyes on. Dance God and amazing vocals, is he even real??” — Loml_Choi_San

6. Mingi

Don’t let his looks fool you:

“Main rapper of the kpop group ATEEZ . Looks intimidating but is the softest, most precious and ethereal angel on earth, voice deeper than the Mariana Trench , most handsome man alive with beautiful features, best rapper in kpop and yunhos official hand holder no one can change my mind bye. Y’all better stan him cause he deserves the world and only the best ! FIX ON b*****s.” — hakuna matatayo

This is pretty much his summary:

“The softest baby boy you’ll ever meet.. STAN ATEEZ.” — Atiny

7. Wooyoung

He deserves all the appreciation:

“cutest human alive. amazing dancer with the sweetest vocals. laugh sounds like a chorus of angels. please get him a hair mask tho stream mist by ateez for clear skin.” — woophobia

8. Jongho

His voice and muscles are unbelievably powerful:

“Jongho is the youngest member of Korean boyband “Ateez” he is extremely talented singer and has the strength of hulk which can tear part fruit with his bare hands. he is the most adorable little thing ever and also is extremely handsome.” — 127milesfromnct

Fruits beware…

“a member of a kpop boy group called “ATEEZ” the cutest maknae but at the same time the strongest maknae ,baby boss ,many fruits afraid of him but mostly apple afraid of him ,vocal kings yeahh that’s our Choi Jongho ,the most precious person that we need to love !!♡♡” — teeztiny8