The Urban Dictionary Definitions Of BLACKPINK’s Members Will Make You Wheeze

Some of these are funny, and some are just praise.

Urban Dictionary can be a wild place, full of actual helpful definitions of common urban slang, but also just random things that some might be better off not knowing. Some posters also like to put definitions for people’s names on the site, and this includes K-Pop idol names! All of BLACKPINK‘s members have entries on the site from fans, and most of them are flattering if not a bit silly and dramatic. Here are some of the definitions on the site for each member! Note that there are more for some members than others.

1. Jennie

We love a duality queen!

“Jennie Kim is the a member of BlackPink. She’s the main rapper and main vocals. Her resting bitch face may intimidate you but she’s actually one of the cutest people you will ever see. She say she doesn’t like aegyo be she does it naturally, and she has great luck when it comes to games.” — Blackpink_Jennie

She never deserved any of the hate she got.

“Baby that needs to be protected. Getting hate for no reason. She gets [criticized] over most of the thing she does. Haters are cruel. Jennie haters are the most ridiculous and cruel people I’ve ever seen. Protect Jennie Kim from Blackpink at all cost. #PROTECTJENNIE” — WannaEatS**t

Show her some love!

“To be cute and hot at the same time for no particular reason. To just breathe but be hot af. To captivate everyone’s heart just by gulping. To make everyone fall in love just by blinking. Being a Jennie Kim means being perfect af!” — It’s f***ing blue

2. Rosé

She’s a real-life angel.

“Park Chaeyoung is the main vocalist and lead dancer of four member south korean girl group BlackPink. she is a walking angel and deserves the world and she is a full course meal ++ she leggy and her vocals could cut a b***h and her high notes and her thicc accent and her even thiccer body and her undying love for the outdoors and Lisa and she loves mangoes and she was born in New Zealand and lived in australia and her nicknames are chaeng, pasta, rosie, chipmunk and she has chubby cheeks and her english name is roseanne park and oh my god she’s a goddess and she studied at canterbury girl’s secondary college and her stage name is ROSÉ and she’s under YG entertainment and her ideal man must be Kind, Generous, and have a nice voice and that’s it for now on this walking angel.” — parkgayyoung

Here are definitions for new and old fans:

“Serious definition for new blinks:
Park Chaeyoung – Stage name: Rosé (pronounced Rose or Rosay), Main Vocalist of the K-pop group BLACKPINK.
Birth country: Melbourne, Australia

Fun side for jokes:
A queen.
•Rosie Posie
•floor sweeper (boombayah)

Shipped with:
• Chaelisa (Lisa x Rosé)
• Chaenie (Jennie x Rosé)
• Chaesoo(Jisoo x Rosé)
• Food.” — BtScRaCkHeAd

3. Jisoo

Well, that’s short and informative!

“lead vocalist of South Korean girl group BLACKPINK. likes chicken and giving people random nicknames.” — graqefruit

This isn’t talking directly about BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, but… There are some accurate points!

“A girl, usually Korean, who is really hot and who most guys want to be with. They are known for their fashion sense, for being hyperactive much of the time, and for being unforgettable. This type of girl usually hits guys for being cute, for being mean, for complimenting them, or just because she feels like it at the time.” — Trystyn

4. Lisa

That’s right!

“Lalisa – A person who has the visuals of a goddess, has a pure heart, and a human barbie. An extremely talented person who has the most precious smile.” — rhaedical

She definitely has the Barbie look down.

“Lalisa aka a living barbie doll. Her visual is beyond perfect how is she even real I refuse to believe.” — blackpinkss

We stan a talented queen!

“Queen of breaking records, she is kind of dancer who isn’t made, but the kind who is naturally blessed, she is the most unique rapper who has her owns special flow, she is my angle who have great heart and rise up my life, who that met her in person fall for her, never said bad to other, she deserve every love in the world my Lalisa Manoban . I love you so so much.” — Saranpazz