These Urban Dictionary Definitions Of SEVENTEEN’s Members Will Make You Wheeze And Agree

Some of these are pretty spot-on and adorable… And others are kind of questionable.

Urban Dictionary is a website “dictionary” where anyone can upload descriptions for commonly used slang, abbreviations, or anything else that they can think of. A common trend on the site is creating definitions for people’s names, which usually seem to be based on people they know. However, K-Pop idols’ names are included on the website too! The following list shows what descriptions have been uploaded for all of SEVENTEEN‘s members, and most of them are hilarious and surprisingly accurate (though there are a couple… Interesting ones). Please keep in mind that some of them have more entries than others!

1. S.Coups

Short and sweet:

“Is the leader of seventeen. He is so hot but in reality he is just a fluffy [squishy] boy that you wanna protect at all [costs].” — Acoups

He is a great leader!

“A leader of 12 members. Means total perfection and is known to be the one with the best leadership skills.” — bbykwon

2. Jeonghan

He does have that duality!

“Angel sent from above… but that’s a lie. He cheats in almost every game and is very hawt. Makes everyone around him hot and bothered.” — 1004×0808

See? Everyone sees the duality.

“A baby… cutie patootie.. Some think he is an angel… but in reality he is the devils competition. When making Jeonghan, god put both cute and hot into the bowl and sent him to us. Don’t trust him.” — Saythename

3. Joshua

Look out, boyfriends!

“Joshua, or Joshua Hong Jisoo from the kpop band Seventeen is the nations boyfriend. Otherwise known as the ideal of all boyfriends, to the point where all boyfriends on earth are jealous.” — hjs1230

4. Jun

We stan a multi-talented king.

“A Prince of China, a multi-talented member of a South Korean boy group Seventeen. He can sing, dance, act and is the best looking man in the world. He’s perverted, super confident and sexy.” — Noela Moon

Protect him!

“born on June 10th 1996, in Shenzhen, Guangdong China
known as the lead dancer of SEVENTEEN, his stage name is Jun. protect this boy at all costs cuz he is precious.” — Minyi

5. Hoshi

Informative and accurate!

“The stage name of Korean dancer, singer and choreographer Kwon Soonyoung from k-pop boy group Seventeen. Born on 15 June 1996, his stage name means star in Japanese. He leads the group’s performance unit and does the choreography for a lot of their dances. He is also known as: 10:10, Edward Kwon, and SHINee’s biggest fanboy.” — 10 hour 10 minute

He IS a chaotic Gemini.

“when you’re a chaotic gemini and cannot be controlled (and can’t control anything, especially technology).” — rippedjuns

6. Wonwoo

This is so sweet!

“wonwoo is the most loving and caring boy on the planet!!!!! although he expresses himself differently than others, hes really a sweetheart and is really passionate about the things he loves. jeon wonwoo is a rapper but he also loves singing so much and you will always hear him singing his sweet little ballads everywhere he goes!! he also loves reading books, playing video games, and is currently getting into video production. (i know he will do so well ;-;) he is so very funny and just wants to make everyone so happy and i rlly wanna hold his hand!!!! <33333” — wonus

He’s so adorable and talented.

“Wonwoo is the softest person you will ever meet. His heart is so warm scientists conclude it is the leading cause to global warming. Cats around the world seek comfort in his loving arms. He constantly reflects upon his actions in order to become a better version of himself. His intelligence is accompanied by a genuine passion for learning. His recent interests consist of reading, video editing and playing video games. He possesses a deep yet angelic voice, with which he conveys reassuring messages to his audiences. He is the lead rapper as well as a songwriter for self-producing idol group Seventeen, although he doesn’t own a vocal position in his group, his talent for singing is irrefutable. He has a natural gift for acting which enables his enticing stage presence. Plus, he is EXTREMELY caring of those around him. In conclusion, Wonwoo truly deserves the whole world and ill make sure it’s delivered to him on a golden platter.” — sadkittylovebot

7. Woozi

Hmm… Not so sure about the evil bit, but…

“A person who appears cute and fluffy on the outside, but is super evil on the inside.
– Hitting people with guitars
-Laughing at people in pain
-Being super cute” — baby.cakes

Something about this one seems a liiiittle off…

“A talented producer who’s enemy is Gustavo Rocque. They became enemies after Gustavo Rocque stole the most famous boy group, Big Time Rush. Woozi was supposed to produce for BTR, later making a boy group by the name of Seventeen to get back at BTR and Gustavo Rocque. Woozi gets his inspiration from the Pillsbury Doughboy and HipHop Harry. He was once in a dating rumor with Kwon Soonyoung, a half human half tiger hybrid. Woozi denied it as he only has eyes from one person, Lee Jihoon.” — hoshitigerrawrXD

8. DK

Short, but very accurate.

“Vocal of seventeen. Loud and also the happy virus.” — Seventeen’s

9. Mingyu

Gotta love the puppy!

“A person who has a charisma and hot golden skin body but tends to be a puppy and cute in front of a person named Wonwoo.” — mingyu’s bf

10. The8

He is pretty amazing.

“The8/Xu Minghao part of south korean boy group seventeen. He is also amazing.” — Imbritishsoidontcare

Definitely don’t sleep on this man.

“Half of the china line in the KPOP Group seventeen, a precious lil bboying bean who although looks like he could never hurt anyone could probably give some serious damage with his nunchucks. has never ending talent and succeeds in everything that he tries. was slept on way too much until boomboom era pls just love him he needs everything in the world including hugs like he needs hugs he’s so precious i-“ — lolcatz rule!

11. Seungkwan

He definitely is immensely talented.

“A talented person with immense vocal capabilities. He’s know for his humour and amazing mc-ing skills. Truly the mood maker of Seventeen.” — BabyBoo17

12. Vernon

Sounds about right!

“This guy from seventeen that every carat loves and even If you don’t bias him, you bias him. He Is also a walking meme.” — Hungryhansol

13. Dino

Gotta love this baby!

“A BEAUTIFUL boy who is so talented and is loved by everyone. The maknae of incredible Korean pop group, Seventeen. He is part of the performance team and really knows how to shake his booty. WONDERFUL GUY TO HAVE AS A BIAS. Born February 11th, 1999. Lead dancer and rapper. Baby. Whoever gets to date him is the luckiest person in the world.” — BIG FAT RAT

A truly talented guy, too.

“Future of Kpop and maknae of SEVENTEEN.” — an_armadillo