BTS’s Fangirly Editor Was Ready To Risk It All For RM

The hilarious captions for RM’s latest broadcast scream “ARMY”.

BTS‘s RM is talented, handsome, intelligent, charming…the list is a mile long. Millions (literally millions) of people have fallen for him, and one of those people is the editor for RM’s latest live broadcast.

In the March 11 “V-PICK” segment, the editor did ARMY proud by going full fangirl (or fanboy). Check out 13 of their hilarious captions below!

1. This “Moon Child” deserves stars, no, an entire galaxy!

2. RM + Jungkook = a flood of UWU tears

3. Aegyo-induced amnesia

4. This hilarious TMI

5. His legs are like a freeway

6. We’re experiencing technical difficulties…

7. Who needs coffee when you can drink your own tears?

8. Burn RM, and you’ll suffer the consequences…

9. Body? Soul? Bank account? Take it all!

10. When the cuteness is just too much to handle

11. Tissue tears for a beautiful friendship

12. And the Nobel Prize goes to…

13. Mom, I love him!