BTS V’s Signature “Headache” Pose Has Become A Phenomenon

Somebody get V some painkillers!

BTS’s V knows how to work the camera, but his favorite pose might be the “Headache Pose”. In it, V presses his arms or hands to his head like he has a massive migraine. He has struck this pose so often that fans have turned it into a running joke. Here are a few of  V’s “Headaches”.


1. “You are off-key and it’s killing me.”


2. “Please…stop talking.”


3. “Sleeves are the new sunglasses…”


4. “I make dizzy look sexy.”


5. “I’m melting…”


6. “Mmm…Fabric softener.”


7. “Are we done yet?”


8. “I haven’t slept in two days.”


9. “That’s okay. I can sleep standing up.”


10. “Wait…Is this heatstroke?”

Source: Instagram and Twitter