5 Moments When Korean Celebrities Got Into A Fight Or Argument On Camera

Numbers 1 and 4 nearly got physical.

Korean celebrities run into unfortunate events quite frequently on camera.  However, some of these events can lead to some minor arguments or even physical fights. Here are a few moments when Korean celebrities got into a fight or argument on camera.

1. Joon Park

When Joon Park was in Europe for the variety show Buying Hardship, some people suddenly came up to him to rob him.

Joon Park was able to get them off, but the robbers started angering him more, as they started making racist comments towards him.

Joon Park had to be held back by the other cast members. The bodyguards of the show soon came in and took care of the robbers.

2. V & Jin (BTS)

V and Jin had a minor argument before one of their concerts. It started because V was trying to give some advice to Jin, but Jin kept telling V that he was already doing his best.

V insisted that he wasn’t complaining to Jin, and gave some more advice to Jin, which upset Jin a little.

It soon got to the point where other members had to step in.

The two set their differences aside for the concert and decided to talk about the situation after. Once the two got a proper chance to talk about the issue, everything got resolved.

3. Jessica & Hyoyeon (Girls’ Generation)

During practice, Hyoyeon decided to go take a bathroom break but was gone for 30 minutes. Jessica scolded Hyoyeon a little for her attitude of not wanting to practice.

Hyoyeon then goes on to explain the reason why she was gone for such a long time.

Jessica ends up crying due to the misunderstanding and apologizes to Hyoyeon.

4. Lee Tae Im & Yewon

A leaked video showed the fight that nearly ensued between Yewon and Lee Tae Im. It mainly stemmed from Lee Tae Im getting offended that Yewon was speaking informally to her.


Lee Tae Im also was offended by the way Yewon was looking at her, as she viewed it as disrespectful.

Lee Tae Im soon started cursing at Yewon, and the cameras had to get cut.

5. Changmin (TVXQ)

This wasn’t a fight or argument, but Changmin once lost it when he saw a sasaeng fan trying to get into his taxi. He had to forcefully remove her due to how stubborn she was being.