5 Valentine’s Day Cards To Send To Your Favorite K-Pop Fan

Don’t go Bae-kin our hearts.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! If you didn’t have time to run out to buy a gift for your favorite K-pop fan, it’s never too late to send them an e-card!

Below are five of the funniest e-cards we found on the interwebz.

1. Don’t Go Baekin My Heart

Source: boygroupfeen/Pinterest

2. I think You’re FANTASTIC, BABY

Source: vanessa/k-pop amino apps

3. What A Nice Butt

Source: luckysel/tumblr

4. Ur A Ten

Source: kpopvtines/Twitter

5. I Might Be The8 But…

Source: vanessa/k-pop amino apps

Bonus: “No Thanks”

Source: vanessa/k-pop amino apps

Obviously, this isn’t a comprehensive list as there is countless fun, funny, and absolutely adorable K-Pop themed valentine cards out on the world wide web. 😊 At the very least, we hope this list made you smile!