10+ Varied Fan Reactions To aespa’s “Spicy” Music Video That All Make Sense

#7 is insanely true!

Aespa has just dropped the music video to their track “Spicy.” The members’ visuals combined with the high-quality filming locations and the fun lyrics makes it every bit as great as expected!

And fans seem to agree. MYs complimented everything from the girls’ vocals to their poses. On that note, check out 10+ fan reactions to the “Spicy” MV that you may agree with below.

1. The Song’s Opening Part

2. New Summer Bop

3. Karina’s Sultry Expressions

4. Giselle’s 10/10 Line

5. Winter Devouring

6. NingNing’s Hot Attitude

7. Everyone’s Insane Vocals

8. The Song’s Winning Part

9. This Duo Slaying

10. Giselle’s Impressive Rap

11. Aespa Winning Summer

As expected of the famous girl group, “Spicy” is one song that many people will replay over and over again! Meanwhile, learn more about the good looking actor from aespa’s “Thirsty” music video in the article below.

Who Is He? Meet The Handsome Actor In aespa’s New “Thirsty” Music Video


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