VERIVERY’s Kangmin Looks So Similar To Red Velvet’s Irene That He Could Pass As Her Younger Brother

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An online community board gained much attention after photos of VERIVERY’s Kangmin was posted. VERIVERY is a rookie idol group who debuted under Jellyfish Entertainment in 2019. Kangmin takes the position of the maknae being born in 2003 as well as the vocalist.

Photos online were posted revealing that Kangmin and Red Velvet’s Irene looked similar to one another. Although they might not exactly the same in terms of features, they do look really similar at first glance. They both have fair skin and their smiling lips look the most similar according to online users.

When compared side by side, they don’t look super similar, but they do have an overall resemblance.

Fans feel that they could pass as being siblings though!