Top 10 Most Viewed Covers of TVXQ!’s “Mirotic” On YouTube

The most watched video has 13 million views. 😯

TVXQ!‘s “Mirotic” might just be one of the most legendary K-Pop songs ever. The track is so iconic, not only because it’s loved by many fans all over the world, but also because idols love it just as much. It’s hard to find a boy group that hasn’t covered TVXQ!’s hit, with girl groups also trying to demonstrate their own charms by covering it in recent times.

Due to its massive popularity, the groups’ covers receive millions of views and thousands of likes on YouTube. Some posted by official channels and others by fans themselves, here are the top 10 most watched “Mirotic” covers on YouTube.

1. TXT

TXT performed the song during a medley collaboration with ENHYPEN among other legendary boy group songs. The video posted by KBS WORLD TV has accumulated more than 13 million views and 853,000 likes on Youtube.


MONSTA X chose to perform the song as a special stage for Mnet‘s M COUNTDOWN. The video posted by Mnet’s official channel on the platform has received more than 11 million views and 249,000 likes.


This “Mirotic” cover was performed during another medley of iconic boy group songs by NCT DREAM and Stray Kids during the 2019 MBC Music Festival. The YouTube video has garnered over 8.3 million views and 576,000 likes.


THE BOYZ also chose to perform it as their special stage for M COUNTDOWN in 2020. The video posted on Mnet’s official channel on YouTube has accumulated over 3.9 million views and 114,000 likes.

5. Cosmic Girls (WJSN)

The first girl group on this list, Cosmic Girls‘ cover of the song during KCON Japan received over 2.7 million views and 63,000 likes on YouTube.

6. EXO

Posted by a fan on YouTube, the 55-second cover by TVXQ!’s labelmates EXO has received over 2.5 million views and 29,000 likes on YouTube.

7. SF9’s Taeyang, WOODZ, ASTRO’s Moonbin, The Boyz’ Juyeon, Stray Kids’ Hyunjin

The collaboration performance by multiple boy group stars was posted on SBS‘s Inkigayo official YouTube channel. Performed during the 2021 Gayo Daejeon the video has received over 2.1 million views and 93,000 likes on the platform.


BTOB‘s cover recorded in a dance practice room and posted by a fan on their YouTube channel has accumulated over 1.7M views and 30,000 likes on the platform.


IZ*ONE‘s cover for the 33rd Golden Disk Awards has garnered over 1.2 million views and 46,000 like on YouTube.

10. B.A.P

B.A.P‘s cover for the 2016 Korean Music Festival has accumulated over 1.1 million views and 31,000 likes on YouTube.

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