The 10 Most Viewed Episodes Of Run BTS, In Honor Of Its 6th Anniversary

Time flies when you’re having fun with BTS!

BTS‘s web series Run BTS celebrates its 6th anniversary today! The show officially launched on August 1st, 2015 with an episode introducing themselves, V app, and the show. Since then, the members have traveled all around the world and done hundreds of different challenges!

Left to right: Jin, Suga, V, J-Hope, Jimin, RM, and Jungkook.

Here is a list of the top 10 most viewed episodes from the series that ARMYs keep coming back to!

10. Episode 65 – 16,598,197 views

This episode was the last in their BTS school series. The members had to debate random topics, all while avoiding their unknown keywords. If they said their keywords, they were sprayed with a water gun!

The members themselves chose the keywords for each other, because who knows BTS better than BTS?

9. Episode 71 – 17,125,834 views

On the final day in their trip in Toronto, BTS played games to see who would clean the dishes, who would take a penalty and jump into the lake, and who would cook breakfast the next morning. These competitive but wholesome moments are loved by fans everywhere!

8. Episode 69 – 17,223,838 views

This episode is when BTS first started their Toronto visit, and the members visited Niagara Falls while also having to complete missions! Seeing BTS enjoy each other’s company while also having to do random games like staring contests and word games is so healing.

7. Episode 83 – 17,319,876 views

BTS headed to the pool and played some water sports in this episode! This one is full of cute moments that show the members’ personalities, like Suga taking their water polo game easy and Jungkook loving the rush of the water tube.

6. Episode 31 – 17,467,999 views

The iconic, unforgettable Tomato song changed everyone’s lives forever thanks to Episode 31! The members had to listen to a children’s song before taking a short nap. They were then woken up and had to try remembering all the lyrics!

The memes of Jungkook waking up will live on forever, and Jimin‘s frustration was so relatable!

5. Episode 57 – 17,562,829 views

Episode 57 had BTS attempt cooking Italian food! They grouped up randomly with Jin and Jungkook together, then the rap line RMJ-Hope, and Suga, then Jimin and V. Only BTS could make cooking so entertaining!

4. Episode 63 – 17,730,933 views

We’re back at BTS school with Suga as their teacher! This episode gave ARMY that hilarious moment where Jungkook, the only one who didn’t want to be class president, was then voted in. All he wanted to do was nap, though!

3. Episode 84 – 18,247,763 views

BTS are back in the water park for this episode, where the members continue having a chaotic, good time. They have to slide down a giant water slide and impress each other with their ending poses. V’s “BTS Forever!” while jumping into the water will go down in ARMY history!

2. Episode 85 – 18,727,889 views

ARMY obviously love these water park episodes, as episode 85 is yet another one in the series! The members faced off against each other on a floating obstacle course, and when you’ve got a group as close to each other as BTS, hilarity is guaranteed.

1. Episode 70 – 18,982,861 views

For the top spot, most viewed Run BTS episode of all time, it’s none other than episode 70! 

This one is packed full of memorable moments, like the members spending Jungkook’s money, Jimin fitting into a child’s crib, and four adult men playing human Tetris to attempt to fitting into one bed.

It’s a hilarious and memorable episode that obviously keeps ARMYs coming back for more!


Source: VLIVE