These Are The Most Viewed Music Videos in Korea For 2019

These songs were all a bop, to say the least!

YouTube is one of the biggest global platforms K-Pop fans rely on.

They recently released the most viewed music videos in Korea for 2019! These music videos were enjoyed by many and were included in the list!

10. DDING – Jvck Wai, Young B, Osshun Gum, and Han Yo Han

The music video currently has a total of 1+ million views and dropped late January 2019.

9. Spring – Bolbbalgan 4

A song about confessing one’s feelings to someone you like, but being afraid to do so, “Spring” has become a relatable song for many with over 17 million views on YouTube!

8. bad guy – Billie Eillish

With its catchy melody and fast beats, this song is truly an earworm! It currently has over 661 million views.


Power rookies ITZY makes it in the top 10 with their second comeback title track, “ICY.”

6. Speechless (from Aladdin) – Naomi Scott

“Speechless” is a song that revolves around standing up for what’s right especially when it’s needed. It’s a song that has an empowering message which many is inspired by.

5. Rooftop – N.Flying

“Rooftop” by N.Flying is a catchy song about your world revolving around someone you like. The song gave N.Flying their first music show win earlier this year.

4. Kill This Love – BLACKPINK

A much awaited comeback from the girls of BLACKPINK, this music video has currently garnered over 671 million views!


“FANCY” took TWICE to a whole new level where fans saw the group maturing with their music. Many have been a fan of the catchy tunes and lyrics of this song about liking someone and currently has more than 237 million views.


Another entry from ITZY! Being a debut many K-Pop fans have been looking forward to, it is no wonder that this catchy song about loving yourself and being confident in your own skin has gained over 164 million views.

1. Boy With Luv – BTS (Feat. Halsey)

BTS achieved great heights this year with “Boy With Luv” winning multiple awards and ARMYs’ hearts all over again.

Source: Twitter