A Visual Journey Through Red Velvet’s Trip To North Korea So Far

Here’s a big picture of Red Velvet’s schedule in North Korea!

1. Departing Gimpo Int’l Airport For Pyongyang

The Red Velvet members pose in front of the camera at Gimpo International Airport before taking off to Pyongyang on March 31st.


2. Arriving At Pyongyang Int’l Airport

The members take a photo to commemorate their arrival at Pyongyang International Airport, North Korea.


3. First Performance On April 1st

The girls nail their first performance in Pyongyang, North Korea.


4. After Successfully Completing Their Performance

A photo of the members after their performance on April 1st.


5. Meeting Kim Jong Un

Red Velvet meets Kim Jong Un after the April 1st performance that he attended.


6. Kim Jong Un & Irene’s Famous Photo

The members gather to take a group photo. This is where Kim Jong Un and Irene’s two-shot comes from.


7. Getting Interviewed About Their Time So Far In North Korea

Red Velvet does an interview after their performance at the East Pyongyang Grand Theatre on April 1st.


8. In front Of North Korea’s Famous Taedong River

In the afternoon of April 2nd, Irene takes a photo in front of North Korea’s Taedong River after completing their Pyongyang performance.


9. Trying North Korean Restaurant For The First Time

The girls stop at the North Korean restaurant, Okryu-gwan, which specializes in Pyongyang-style naengmyeon.


The members will participate in one last North-South joint performance on April 3rd along with the rest of the South Korean artists. Meanwhile, here’s a peek into Red Velvet’s performance:

Source: Busan Ilbo, Seoul News and Osen

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