These Are The Visual Members Of Every “Produce” Group

How can they be so gorgeous?

This list contains the visual members of every group that debuted from Mnet‘s Produce series. Although beauty is subjective, this list will feature the members who are commonly mentioned amongst Korean netizens when discussing who is the visual.


1. Kim Doyeon

weki meki doyeon 5 doyeon3 wekimekidoyeon-3

2. Joo Kyulkyung/Zhou Jieqiong

Pristin Kyulkyung 1 ioi kyulkyung kyulkyung

3. Jung Chaeyeon

chaeyeon bullied weight 4 chaeyeon bullied weight 2 dia jung chaeyeon faint cold 1


1. Park Jihoon

jihoon 15 jihoon 14 jihoon 13

2. Bae Jinyoung

bae jinyoung1 bae jinyoung1 bae jinyoung2

3. Lai Kuanlin

lai kuanlin father cube 1 lai kuanlin lawyer cube 2 lai kuanlin lawyer cube 1

4. Hwang Minhyun

hwang minhyun1 hwang minhyun height hwangminhyun

5. Ong Seongwoo

ong seongwoo ong seongwoo2 seongwoo


1. Miyawaki Sakura

Miyawaki Sakura - 1

Miyawaki Sakura - 2

Miyawaki Sakura - 3

2. Kang Hyewon

Hyewon Hyewon4 IZONE-Hyewon-3-768x1152

3. Kim Minju

minju minju1 iz_one_KCON NY_MINJU


1. Kim Yohan


2. Kim Wooseok

kim wooseok1 kim wooseok1 kim wooseok

3. Cha Junho

cha junho2 cha junho1 cha junho

Source: TheQoo
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