All The K-Pop Artist Nominees For The 2022 VMAs, And It’s Not Just For The Best K-Pop Category

Congratulations to all who got nominated!

The 2022 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) will be held on August 28th, and the nominees have just been released. Besides the Best K-Pop Category, K-Pop groups are strong contenders for five other categories, and fans couldn’t be more excited.

1. Best K-Pop

First up for the Best K-Pop Video nominees, we have “Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)” by BTS. Packed with nostalgia and heartwarming allusions throughout the music video, it’s no surprise why these K-Pop kings have been nominated yet again.

Next, we have “LOCO” by ITZY, and whether it be the outstanding aesthetics or the overwhelming charisma, this song is the perfect balance of the group’s edgy and vibrant energy.

“HOT” by SEVENTEEN is the third nominee, thanks to the intricate details of the music video, the powerful declaration of the lyrics, and the signature choreography of SEVENTEEN.

“MANIAC” by Stray Kids has also been nominated for the Best K-Pop category, proving why Stray Kids continues to lead K-Pop’s 4th generation.

Another nominee is TWICE for “The Feels,” one of the most addicting English tracks released by a K-Pop group. Besides the iconic choreography, the colorful video is just as pleasing to watch.

Finally, we have “LALISA” by BLACKPINK‘s Lisa, the only K-Pop soloist nominated this year. With her debut song breaking record after record to this day, it’s only fair that this queen keeps on collecting crowns.

2. Best New Artist

This award recognizes the artist’s body of work for the year rather than a specific video. Alongside artists like Dove Cameron and Latto, SEVENTEEN are the only K-Pop group nominated for this category. It makes perfect sense, given how amazingly they’ve done so far in 2022.

3. Best Metaverse Performance

BTS performed “Butter” and “Permission To Dance” in Minecraft for the YouTube ESCAPE2021 finale, and while the performance was undoubtedly fantastic, it was also super adorable.

BLACKPINK’s The Virtual concert had millions worldwide attending through PUBG Mobile. With four incredible performances, including a preview of their new song “Ready For Love,” it’s clear why the girls were nominated despite the concert having been held less than a week ago.

4. Best Visual Effects

For this non-votable category, “My Universe” by Coldplay and BTS has been nominated thanks to the use of holograms with volumetric video, allowing these two supergroups to introduce a technology that could change the entertainment world in a revolutionary way.

5. PUSH Performance of the Year

SEVENTEEN was the MTV Push Artist for December 2021, and their performances of “Rock With You” and “Crush” prove why they are the “Performance Powerhouses of K-Pop.”

6. Best Choreography

Nominated for another non-votable category, “Permission To Dance” by BTS is a joyful bop that incorporates International Sign Language into its choreography. As always, BTS embraces and celebrates diversity and uses its platform to tell the world that music is for everyone.