Vogue Names 7 K-Pop Idols To Look Out For In The Front Row At Fashion Week

From London to Paris to Seoul to Milan, these stars shook the fashion week front rows last year.

Over the past few years, K-Pop idols have been the stars of the show at numerous fashion week events across the world, from Paris to New York. According to Vogue India, these 7 idols shook up the front row so much on their past visits, you should expect to see them this year too.

1. Lucas (WayV)

Lucas hasn’t stopped at being a star of WayV, NCT, and SuperM. He’s also a star on the fashion scene, having walked for multiple Korean brands at Seoul Fashion Week. Internationally, he’s attended Burberry events in China and London.

In the fashion world, he’s known for his eclectic mix of streetwear and the preppy look, his ability to pull off bold prints, and his love for neutral earthy tones.


Despite debuting just a year ago, ITZY has already caught the fashion world’s eye. Just months after they stepped onto the scene, they were invited to the Louis Vuitton shows in New York and Paris.

Their stage outfits are definitely part of what got the industry’s attention. Serving a schoolgirl vibe with a twist, the group is known for their tartan skirts, thigh-high boots, and edgy accessories. Their casual outfits are “student chic” too, encompassing everything from slouchy hoodies to blazers with jeans.

3. Irene (Red Velvet)

Undeniably one of Paris Fashion Week’s standouts last year, Irene stopped traffic with her look at the Miu Miu show—literally. Vogue India describes her everyday look as “Paris Fashion Week in a nutshell”, so she’s likely to make a reappearance this year.

Her personal style is in great contrast to her stagewear. For Red Velvet’s songs, her outfits are often quirky and avant-garde. But in her real life, she veers towards coquette off-shoulder tops, delicate dresses, and plenty of comfortable blazers and jeans.

4. Sehun (EXO)

Plenty of EXO members are known for their style, and Sehun is definitely one of them. Louis Vuitton is one of the main brands he represents, having attending their Paris shows for multiple years.

Everyone knows him for his low-key yet stylish fashion choices. He veers towards a simple palette of navy blue and neutrals, sporting varsity jackets, simple suits, and plenty of denim. It’s a style that’s in perfect harmony with his minimalist personality.

5. Jackson (GOT7)

After Jackson dropped his single “Fendiman” a few years ago, Fendi couldn’t wait to snap the “innovative” rapper up as an ambassador. Since then, he’s released a Fendi capsule collection and even performed at their Milan Fashion Week show.

According to Jackson, black is always the way to go. He loves luxury sportswear with a pop of colour and plenty of accessories, from sunglasses to beanie hats.

6. Mino (Winner)

Both in Korea and worldwide, Mino is undoubtedly known for his out-there style. He’s rocked everything from streetwear to suits, and somehow pulls it all off perfectly. That’s probably why he’s been invited to fashion week by several brands and even walked in the Louis Vuitton show.

If there’s one thing fashion-lovers associate him with, it’s innovative airport style. He often wears pieces that don’t seem like they’d go together (or go with him), but the outfits always work in the end. Mostly, he seems to be inspired by his own music and art.

7. Sunmi

Sunmi doesn’t just look like a model—she also dresses like one. She attended Prada’s show in Milan, and also reps clothes and accessories for Louis Vuitton, Gucci and more on Instagram.

Her style is unique, combining sweet and feminine with edgy and dark. When she’s not trying to make a statement, she also keeps it cute in jeans and oversized coats. And, of course, she’s rarely seen without an eye-catching purse.


Source: Vogue India