15 Reasons Why Wanna One Will Always Be A Legendary Group

True legends.

Yoon Jisung, Kim Jaehwan, Bae Jinyoung, Ha Sungwoon, Lai Kuanlin, Hwang Minhyun, Ong Seongwoo, Park Jihoon, Kang Daniel, Park Woojin, and Lee Daehwi are saying their final goodbyes to fans. Wanna One will be performing for the last time on January 27, but they will never be forgotten and these 15 moments prove that they will forever be a legendary group.


1. Becoming a group

Survival shows like Produce 101 aren’t all fun and games. Every Wannable who was there from the very beginning knows just how hard each of the trainees and idols worked to become a part of Wanna One.


2. Their debut showcase

The super catchy song was just the tip of the iceberg! Their stage presence, vocals, and choreography were on point. They definitely started off on a high and only continued to skyrocket to success from there!


3. Their first win

A mere 9 days after their official debut, the group already snagged their first win on Show Champion. Even more impressive they had gone up against Girls’ Generation, EXO, GFRIEND, and WINNER!


4. Reaching all-kill status with “Energetic”

Their debut couldn’t be stopped and earned the group their first ever all-kill status. Not bad at all for a debut!


5. Becoming the CF kings

Wanna One has earned CF deal after CF deal. In 2017 alone they had grabbed 16 deals and Kang Daniel was even ranked as the best idol CF model!


6. Taking home the most group wins on music shows in 2017

Seriously, the group has way too many awards to count and within their first year, they had already taken home an impressive number. Not counting all their wins, the group won 22 awards across the board at the major award events in 2017.


7. They had four consecutive no. 1 albums all within their first year

Topping the Gaon weekly charts in South Korea with each release, and all within their first year? Yeah, that’s a pretty huge deal!


8. They became “Million Sellers” only 101 days after their debut

Wanna one earned the title “Million Sellers” within a very short period of time. At the time, the group’s 1X1=1 (To Be One) sold over 720,000 copies since it was released and their repackage album 1-1+0 (Nothing Without You) surpassed 500,000 copies! They became the first K-Pop group in the 21st century to become million sellers with their debut album activities. And fittingly it all happened 101 days after their debut.


9. Wanna One went on their first world tour as a rookie group

Not just stopping at dominating charts and setting records, Wanna One also went a world tour! Not every rookie group can say that!


10. The group continued with an all-kill streak for “I Promise U” and “Boomerang”

Continuing on their streak of all-kills, both “I Promise U” and “Boomerang” dominated the charts and won several awards!


11. Wanna One’s 1÷x=1 (Undivided) album reached all-kill status and received a triple crown

Their all-kill status just couldn’t be stopped but to top it off their album also received a triple crown!


12. Wanna One was estimated to have grossed over $70 million in 1 year and 6 months

Although we don’t know the official numbers yet, the group was expected to gross at least $80 million by the time their contract expired and many financial experts actually put the figure at about $90 million!


13. Throughout their time together the members have won 101 awards!

That’s right! If you combine all of their awards, the group has 101!


14. Besides their achievements, they always crushed it on stage

While their awards are certainly impressive, it’s their performances that have really left everyone feeling breathless.


15. And each of the members gave us a lot of cherished memories

Of course, Wanna One wouldn’t be Wanna One without the members! Each and every one of them has given fans a precious piece of themselves and fans will forever cherish the memories they made together!

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