15+ Moments From Wanna One’s Final Concert Together That Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

You’ll definitely want to grab the tissues!

On January 24, Wanna One gave their first of their “Therefore” concerts. The moment was incredibly bittersweet as it signaled the beginning of the end. And on January 27, Wanna One gave a beautiful and heartbreaking final concert together. Although the group will always remain together in fans’ hearts, their last moments on stage together was filled with emotion and these 15+ moments from the concert will break your heart and bring tears to your eyes.


1. When Seongwoo caused Sungwoon to fall down with his confession


2. This teary-eyed “Beautiful” performance


3. This incredibly emotional “12th Star” performance


4. When Jisung choked up saying each member’s name


5. Woojin’s message to fans that pulled everyone’s heartstrings


6. The moment when everyone gathered to comfort Jinyoung


7. When Kuanlin hugged his hyungs one by one


8. The final “All I wanna do, Wanna One”


9. This special letter to fans from Woojin


10. When Jaehwan poured out his love for Wannables


11. When Sungwoon told fans why he had a sleepless night


12. When Seongwoo said what everyone Wannable felt


13. This heart-shattering thank you bow to fans


14. Jihoon’s heart-wrecking moment


15. Kang Daniel’s heart-wrenching one


16. And the moment when we had to slowly say farewell to each of the members

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