15+ Legendary Moments From Wanna One Members Over The Past 2 Years

No one could forget these legendary moments

Over the past two years, Wanna One have broken records, dominated charts, and come out on top over and over again. But it isn’t just their music that has resulted in them becoming legends in their own right, it’s each of the members. From moments that went viral to hilariously memorable circumstances, here are just a few legendary moments from wanna one members over the past two years with them.


1. When Ong Seongwu went viral for being the “guy in the harness”

At 2018 MAMA in Hong Kong Ong Seongwoo became a hot topic for, you guessed it, being hot! Shortly after the performance, everyone wanted to know who exactly the boy in the harness was!


2. When everyone found out about Park Woojin’s dark past

He may be the “Nation’s Dark Past” but all those extra…


And amazing predebut moments were just one of the many reasons fans fell for him!


3. When Lai Kuanlin suffered a major wardrobe malfunction and continued performing like a boss

Lai Kuanlin may have had a major wardrobe error during the group’s 2018 MAMA FANS’ CHOICE in Japan performance, but the way Kuanlin handled it was outstanding!


4. When Lee Daehwi took down Super Junior’s Heechul and responded to rumors in the most amazing way possible

Only Daehwi was brave enough to tackle the rumors about him and put an end to it, all while defeating the undisputed champion of the game!


5. The time Ong Sungwoo went viral as the “handsome guy with black hair and turtleneck”

The harness incident wasn’t the only viral moment for Ong Seongwoo based on his visuals. At 2018 MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards (MGA), Seongwoo once again caught everyone’s attention!


6. Park Jihoon’s legendary aegyo


7. When Kim Jaehwan melted everyone’s heart with his amazing acoustic covers

Jaehwan’s heart-stopping vocals and his guitar skills on full display? Yes, please!


8. That time Hwang Minhyun was caught levitating

In a strange turn of events, Hwang Minhyun was caught levitating and nobody ever figured out how he did it! Legend indeed!


9. When Kim Jaehwan left jaws on the floor with his King of Masked Singers performance


10. Ha Sungwoon’s “Gag Concert” appearance

A short version of “Boomerang” and Ha Sungwoon’s aegyo made for an absolutely perfect time!


11. That time Bae Jinyoung released his own diss track… against his members

Who could forget these legendary disses!


12. Ong Seongwoo and Lee Daehwi’s ghost reaction

Who could forget this reaction…


Or this one?


13. Yoon Jisung’s girl group dancing


14. The time Yoon Jisung got to live his fanboy dreams

He said he wanted a kiss from a NU’EST member and Minhyun made his wish come true.


15. When fans got to see Park Jihoon’s friendship with BTS’s V blossom


16. That time Kang Daniel got stuck in the ball pit


17. Lau Kuanlin’s sweet tongue twister


18. This memeful moment

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