Wanna One Park Jihoon Graduated, Here Are HD Photos of His Graduation

Here are 25 photos to fully experience what it’s like to graduate high school with Park Jihoon!

1. This is Park Jihoon… but you already knew that!


2. This handsome man is one of the main visuals of Wanna One.


3. And the inventor of his famous catchphrase, “Save you in my heart.”


4. But now he’s adding another title under his belt!


5. He’s now an official high school graduate!


6. Here’s Park Jihoon waiting with his fellow students.


7. Clapping for his fellow students…


8. Until it was time for him to get his very own diploma!


9. Meanwhile, keeping his signature stunning visuals in tact!


10. But fans could see he was pretty nervous for the big day.


11. His small, secret smile walking up to the podium.


12. His blank stare into the crowd as he held his diploma, fresh off the printer!


13. Fans caught sight of the adorable idol being adorably nervous!


14. Then it was time for a sneak peek into his daily life as a student.


15. Just a prince among us mere peasants.


16. A handsome prince, at that!


17. Just imagine running into this scene on your way to class!


18. Or this in the library!


19. Who can get any studying done with Park Jihoon in the room?


20. Certainly not the Wannables!


21. Would your heart explode if your Jihoon sunbae looked at you like this?!


22. This would be him when you gift him a teddy bear on Valentine’s day.


23. “Notice me senpai!”


24. Congratulations to Park Jihoon on successfully graduating high school!


25. Nothing but love for his Wannable fans!


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