What To Watch If You Couldn’t Get Enough Of Parasite Star Park Sodam

She has more beautiful works than just Parasite.

Park So Dam has been quite the hot and trending star after her role as Jessica in the hit movie, Parasite. Even her scene from the movie has been quite popular even to this day.



She even posted a video on how to reenact the famous scene.



With this being said, Park So Dam also has a lot of other brilliant works that show her incredible charm and acting talents. Here are a few.


1. Cinderella With Four Knights

Cinderella With Four Knights kind of paints Park So Dam as the princess/queen as the drama, and rightfully so. She has a tough upbringing and is faced with unfair circumstances that are out of her control. Miracles eventually start happening in her life, but she somehow starts to become the love interest of multiple people.



2. A Beautiful Mind

A Beautiful Mind is a drama where Park So Dam plays the role of someone who kind of does the impossible. She tries to show a man who can feel no emotion on the beauty of emotions. That emotions are something that can make a person’s life better, not worse.



3. Three Meals A Day

This one is a bit different from the other entries on this list because it’s not an acting project. Three Meals A Day is a variety show where numerous celebrities go live in more rural or mountain areas for 3 days. Challenges come when they have to start preparing meals for the day and try to find ingredients. This show helps show what Park So Dam’s real personality is like when she’s not acting.