Here’s The Most-Watched Korean Drama Of Every Year Since 2012

Get ready to add a few to your binge-watch list if you haven’t already.

Every year, there’s always one Korean drama that rises above the rest to reel in viewers. So here’s the most-watched drama from every year since 2012 based on viewership data, gathered by the YouTube channel MISS-K-DRAMA.

1. 2022 — All of Us Are Dead

Netflix‘s latest breakout hit was All of Us Are Dead, which follows the lives of high school students who must survive a zombie outbreak.

| Netflix

2. 2021 — Squid Game

There’s no need to introduce the breakout hit Squid Game that took the world by storm with its dangerous game of high stakes and is preparing a highly-anticipated sequel.

| Netflix

3. 2020 — It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay opened up discussions about mental health thanks to an author (Seo Ye Ji) and a psychiatric hospital employee (Kim Soo Hyun) who embark on a healing journey together.

4. 2019 — Hotel Del Luna

At a hotel of the same name, Hotel Del Luna has unusual guests of the supernatural kind. As a result of committing a crime they’ve forgotten about, the CEO (IU) is cursed to take care of the ghost guests.

5. 2018 — What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?

After working together for nine years, romance blooms between an executive (Park Seo Jun) and his secretary (Park Min Young) in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?

6. 2017 — Strong Girl Bong-Soon and Stranger

Putting her superhuman strength to the test, a woman (Park Bo Young) gets hired as a bodyguard for the CEO of a gaming company in Strong Girl Bong-Soon.


Taking a sharp turn from the comedic, Stranger is a crime thriller that follows a female detective (Bae Doo Na) and prosecutor as they tackle an unusual murder case.

7. 2016 — Guardian: The Lonely and Great God

Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, also known as Goblin, unfolds the love story of an immortal being (Gong Yoo) ready to overcome his curse by falling for a student (Kim Go Eun).

8. 2015 — Yong Pal

Working as a doctor for those in the crime world, a surgeon (Joo Won) encounters a dark conspiracy surrounding an heiress (Kim Tae Hee) who was put in a coma in Yong Pal, also known as The Gang Doctor.


9. 2014 — My Love from the Star

After being stranded on Earth, an alien (Kim Soo Hyun) was prepared to return home until he fell for a human actor (Jun Ji Hyun) in My Love from the Star.

10. 2013 — The Heirs

The Heirs, also known as The Inheritors, follows the lives of wealthy high school students and the romance between one of them (Lee Min Ho) and a less fortunate one (Park Shin Hye).

11. 2012 — The Moon Embracing The Sun

The Moon Embracing The Sun is the only historical drama that makes the list and watches the love story between the king (Kim Soo Hyun) and a female shaman (Han Ga In) unfold.

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