These Are The Most Watched Performance MV Versions Of 20 K-Pop Groups

Performance versions of music videos can be just as popular as the originals!

In K-Pop, oftentimes groups release more than one version of a music video, usually with an original along with some kind of performance version to more fully show off the members’ dance moves. Sometimes, though, the performance videos actually serve as the single music video of a comeback, and they can be really successful! These are the most-watched performance versions of 20 different K-Pop groups, whether they are the only version of that song or an additional music video along with the original.

1. BTS: “ON” Kinetic Manifesto Film (178 million views)

2. TWICE: “Like OOH-AHH” Dance Ver. 2 (33 million views)

3. MOMOLAND: “BAAM” Special Video (7.3 million views)

4. Stray Kids: “Voices” Performance Video (20 million views)

5. PENTAGON: “Naughty Boy” Performance Version (4.2 million views)

6. EXO: “Growl” MV 2nd Version (Korean Ver.) (38 million views)

7. MONSTA X: “Hero” Rooftop Version (109 million views)

8. NCT 127: “Limitless” MV #2 Performance Version (41 million views)

9. Red Velvet: “Psycho” Performance Video (44 million views)

10. GOT7: “Teenager” Performance Video (35 million views)

11. SEVENTEEN: “Don’t Wanna Cry” Performance Version (11 million views)

12. MAMAMOO: “HIP” Performance Video (27 million views)

13. IZ*ONE: “La Vie en Rose” Performance Version (10 million views)

14. LOONA: “Hi High” Original Choreography Version (2 million views)

15. VIXX: “Eternity” Dance Version (1 million views)

16. TXT: “Crown” Choreography Version (14 million views)

17. ITZY: “WANNABE” Performance Video (19 million views)

18. Cosmic Girls: “Save Me, Save You” Performance MV (1 million views)

19. GFRIEND: “Me Gustas Tu” Choreography Version (10 million views)

20. ATEEZ: “Pirate King” Performance Version (21 million views)