The Way BTS’s Jimin Looks At ARMYs Will Make You Want To Become A Fan

He’s a boy in luv.

If there’s one thing all fans love no matter what fandom they’re in, it’s the affection of their idols. Everyone wants to know that their favorites like them as much as they do, and BTS‘s Jimin is a prime example of an idol who cares about his fans.

You can see the love in his eyes in the following gifs and photos. Check them out below!

1. He blows kisses

2. And looks at fans like they’re the best

3. Everyone gets a bit of his attention

4. He’s happiest when he’s with ARMYs

5. No matter what, he’s himself around them

6. Sometimes Jimin gets a little overwhelmed

7. But fans love him just as much

8. Get you an idol that looks at you like Jimin does ARMYs

9. Or maybe you can just join the fandom?

10. Jimin in a concert is a Jimin in love

11. He expresses his feelings fully

12. He loves ARMYs and ARMYs love him!

So…have you joined the fandom yet?

Source: theqoo