An In-Depth Look At The Line Distributions For All 6 Songs On WayV’s “Kick Back” Album

Two of the members make up more than 50% of the lines just on their own.

WayV recently released their latest album, Kick Back, with six songs on the track including the title song of the same name and a Korean version of it as well.

WayV’s Ten | @Momant_Fine/Twitter

Out of the seven members of the Chinese sub-unit of NCT, you may be curious to know how even (or uneven) the lines are distributed between the members for their latest comeback. Like most groups, they’re certainly not even, but you can decide for yourself how fair you think this is or isnt!

WayV’s Hendery

The following graphs show how the lines are distributed between members from most to least lines for each of the 6 songs on the album, with the final 7th graph showing how their lines are distributed over the entire album discography. Check them out for yourself below!

1. “Kick Back”

2. “Action Figure”

3. “Horizon”

4. “All For Love”

5. “Good Time”

6. “Kick Back” (Korean Version)