WayV’s Ten Compares Each Of His Members To “Shrek” Characters

He has all the members figured out, except for one.

If you know WayV‘s Ten, he’s always quick to make some kind of reference back to Shrek. It’s all because the animation is his ultimate favorite. He knows the characters so well that he can match them up with his own members based on their personalities.

1. Hendery — Donkey

Ten started off with the member who everyone already knew had a Shrek counterpart: Hendery. Since Ten nicknamed him after Donkey, they all chimed in to explain what made him so similar to the character.

Hendery was the first to explain, shouting, “Because I am annoying!” Ten worded it in a more gentler way, “Because his characteristics and the way he plays around with us are very similar to Donkey.”

Yangyang chimed in as well, adding another reason they matched up so well: “It’s because he talks a lot.”

2. Yangyang — Puss In Boots

Since Yangyang had ended the last comparison, Ten naturally moved onto him. For their maknae, he thought of no other character than Puss In Boots. With Yangyang being able to switch between being cute and playful to mature and serious, it’s understandable why he’d made the choice.

He didn’t mind the comparison at all, either. Upon hearing it, Yangyang had nodded cheerfully. It’s most likely because he’d previously revealed that Puss In Boots was actually his favorite movie character.

3. Xiaojun — Dragon

When it came to Xiaojun, he couldn’t seem to figure out why Ten had made the choice he did. Right along with Yangyang’s character, Ten already knew who he reminded him of, “Xiaojun is like the pink dragon that’s in love with Donkey.”

After saying it, Xiaojun had looked utterly confused to be compared to Dragon. Although he couldn’t see why they’d be alike, he didn’t disagree with Ten.

4. Lucas — Prince Charming

Lucas was a bit of a challenge for Ten. Before he’d chosen a character for him, he’d had to take a closer look at him. When he did, Ten decided that he reminded him of Prince Charming.

To show how he could picture Lucas as the character, Ten had sat up and dramatically ran his fingers through his hair, saying, “Ah, I’m so handsome.”

The visual made Hendery burst into giggles and agreeing that he could totally see Lucas as Prince Charming.

5. Winwin

Choosing a character that resembled Winwin had Ten completely stumped, “Winwin… I don’t know…” While he patiently waited to see what he’d decide, Ten sighed in frustration because he couldn’t figure it out.

In the end, Ten couldn’t choose a character for him, “It’s very hard because Winwin just seems like a human.”

Yangyang agreed. While everyone had a certain something about them that made it easier to compare them to the animated characters, Winwin was different: “Yeah, he’s like the most human out of all of us.”

6. Kun — The Three Little Pigs

After Kun shot Ten a warning look, Xiaojun was the one who offered up a character for him. He questioned if Lord Farquaad would be the best choice. Kun wasn’t a fan of it, “Ah, no, no, no.” Ten gave a funnier one.

To Kun’s surprise, he said, “I shouldn’t say this but… you know The Three Little Pigs?” He then gave an explanation that had everyone cracking up.

Ten chuckled as he explained, “When I look at Kun, he is just so pink and soft and squishy.” That funny comparison earned him a playful slap on the shoulder by Kun.

Source: Teen Vogue