WayV’s Xiaojun Can’t Catch A Break From His Members Teasing Him And We Can’t Stop Laughing

It’s all in good fun. 😂

WayV‘s Xiaojun is always being teased by his members, and always takes it in good stride. How he became the target for all their jokes and teasing, we’re not sure, but as long as they’re all laughing, so are we. Here are five such moments of Xiaojun who just can’t seem to catch a break from the teasing:

| WayV/YouTube

1. Showing up late

When Xiaojun didn’t show up to take a photo quick enough, all the members decided that they won’t take the picture anymore, and pressured him into buying dinner to make up for his lateness.

2. Push-up penalty

Xiaojun lost a bet with Yangyang, and had to do 80 push-ups as a penalty. But Yangyang wasn’t about to let him go so easily, and aimed to prolong his suffering.

3. Getting exposed

Yangyang couldn’t help but expose Xiaojun for acting like he was working on a song when he was really playing games.

4. His walking

His members also brought up his odd walking pattern, even going so far as taking a video of him walking to show him. Someone please save this boy from his members.

5. Being left alone

This time, he stood in front of Yangyang on accident in his excitement to say something, and the rest of the members decided to tease him by once again leaving him alone, resulting in awkward solo Xiaojun.