7 WayZenNi Reactions To WayV Hendery’s “WuKong” That Capture Exactly How We Feel

How are we feeling, WayZenNis?

WayV‘s Hendery just released a solo track, “WuKong,” and WayZenNis are loving it!

“WuKong” was released as part of WayV’s Play V series, which gives the group members a chance to showcase their individual talents.

“WuKong” was especially meaningful because it was made entirely by Hendery and fellow WayV member, Kun. Just take a look at the credits!

Here are 7 of WayZenNis reactions to “WuKong” that show just how much the fandom is loving the song!

1. Yes, we’re literally all crying over Hendery

2. All hail King Hendery

3. Over a year later, we finally got a chance to hear what Hendery and Kun were working on in the studio, and it was well worth the wait

4. The credits are still blowing our minds

5. “WuKong” is definitely a masterpiece

6. We can’t believe it either

7. Top-tier rap? Check. Top-tier visuals? Check.