3 Of The Weirdest Mint Chocolate Foods That Are Enough To Make Anyone Swear Off Mint-Choco Anything Forever

The mint-choco craze has perhaps gone too far. 😳

Mint chocolate is a popular flavor of ice cream but remains a very debatable topic, especially among K-Pop idols. It’s an obsession for many people throughout South Korea enough so that the flavor is going beyond ice cream and is being used in traditionally savory dishes now. Here are three of the weirdest mint chocolate flavored foods that are enough to make anyone swear off mint-choco anything forever.

1. Mint Chocolate Chicken

You can get this interesting take on Korean fried chicken from Baedal Minjok, one of the top Korean food delivery services. You can even purchase the green-colored batter used to make the chicken from their website and try it for yourself at home!

| Baedal Minjok

2. Mint Chocolate Noodles

Basic instant ramen can be transformed into Mint Chocolate Noodles! Swap out the seasoning packet that comes with prepackaged noodles for a mixture of cream, sugar, melted butter, and of course, mint syrup. For the choco to the mint, add some chocolate chips and/or crumbled Oreo cookies.

| Naver

3. Mint Chocolate Katsu

Restaurant Saboten uploaded a very realistic picture advertisement for “Mint Chocokatsu” on their Instagram page last year. It appeared to be fried mint chocolate cheese rather than ice cream. Despite revealing it to be an April Fools joke, several of their followers commented positively towards the idea, saying, “I really want it to come out,” and “I love mint chocolate so much.” 

| @saboten_korea/Instagram
Source: 배민상회, 와썹맨-Wassup Man and rollinjoint
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