16 Utterly Bizarre Korean Commercials

You haven’t seen weird until you’ve watched these 16 Korean commercials.

Some of these Korean ads make no practical sense as to why they are being made. At least, they are still entertaining and fun to watch! Check out these 16 commercials that are… well, just straight up strange.


1. FiJi

Since the song is completely in Korean, here is the translation of the lyrics of this commercial of a product which we will let you figure out at the end of it all…

“I was about to dance my *ss off this fine Saturday when my friend and I entered the old school club. I had a bad feeling rush through my left and right brain, then strike me right in the middle. I got a text about an urgent work that came up, so my friend went to the club alone and I came home. F*cking hell, why would you make someone work on a Saturday? You must think I’ll do anything for money. Well guess what! Yes, it’s true, you got the right person. Welcome to my services! Money is the best, I love it. What’s the point of clubbing when you can make money! But when I sat down to do the work, I got kind of annoyed. LG Marketing, you are in for a treat. You should have said you’re going to confirm the work. Now I’m at the chorus, maybe I’ll promote the product now. Or nah, I’ll make the client cry a bit more because I worked on a Saturday. Whoever messes with me on a Saturday is bound to be f*cked over like this. I’d like to finish the song now, but here is the product promotion.”


2. WINIX Dehumidifier

Actress Kim Seul Gi gets super agitated by the rain in this dehumidifier commercial. While the message is super clear, the sheer amount of agony in this have made viewers quite miserable too. We get it, we don’t like the rain.


3. Lotte “Pyeongon” Tea

While this looks straight out of another one of those extra K-Dramas, this is a tea commercial. “Pyeongon Tea (평온차)” literally translates to “Peace Tea”, suggesting the tea will give you the peace of mind to not go around and slap people in their faces.


4. Moga App

This is an advertisement for an app that helps people find a motel. The characters in the advertisement are cute, but sexualizing characters from a children’s story seems questionable at best and just downright weird.


5. Birak Shikhye (식혜, rice drink)

Korean TV personality Kim Bo Sung featured on this rice drink commercial when his catchphrase “Ui-lee (의리, loyalty)” went viral. While the word itself has no relation to the drink, except how the company tried to tie the idea of rice being a loyal ingredient for Koreans, Kim Bo Sung punches around a rice bag and screams it at the end. Where was this commercial taking us? Not sure…


6. S-Line Condensing

Who would have ever known that there would be commercials for these types of things? S-Line Condensing is a gas boiler used to heat water in the house. What do dancing rabbits have to do with this commercial? Nobody really knows.


7. Horse Riding Fitness Ace Power

Not only is the commercial really weird, but the product itself is questionable. This “horseback riding” product is used for exercise, with a thrusting motion to work out the body. Talk about a weird way to work out…


8. Xylitol Gum

Chewing gum has a special relationship to Finnish people in Korea. When people think of Finland they associate it gum as well as the words “Hyvä, hyvä” which is heard from the man in green. But just like this couple, I would be scared too if a stranger danced into my house.


9. Android Cellphone Service

SKTelecom, a cellphone service provider in Korea, promoted its Android cellphone services with this commercial depicting the Android as a young, but powerful baby. While both the “young” and “powerful” are quite clear… one can’t help but wonder if pee was the only way to deliver the message.


10. Pizza Hut

Everybody do the Pizza Hut dance! The commercial first shows a group of girls dancing while holding onto their slice of pizza which follows with a tutorial at the end to get everybody off their feet. I mean, don’t you want to dance before you take a bite of that pizza?


11. Banana Milk

One second into this commercial, you can already tell that it’s going to be another one of those clips that make you think twice about Korea. With a catchy song and dance, the couple sings about their love for banana milk.


12. Kong Suni Doll

Here is another one of the weirdest products coming from Korea. The sole purpose of this doll is to make farting sounds and poop after being fed. The creepier part is that usually in commercials with dolls, you can see a child moving the doll around. Not for this commercial. Kong Suni appears to move on her own. Weird.


13. Ragnarok Game

No need to get creeped out – this doesn’t really happen on public transportation in Korea. (Or does it?) In this commercial, you see a girl getting on the bus and attacking the passengers in slo-mo. Nothing seems to make much sense until you find out that this is a commercial for a video game.


14. Popeyes

You better watch out for this girl. She runs around screaming, holding a ladle, and talks to crawfish. So much for a normal Popeyes commercial huh?


15. Durex Condoms

So the idea here is to be ready, no matter when and where… and that’s great advice for couples who are planning on making love. The real question is, why is he testing that tree outside? How wild the thoughts run in this commercial is completely up to the viewers.


16. Oreo


This ad features a baby breastfeeding, with the mother’s nipple partially exposed. Alongside the ad is Oreo’s slogan: “Milk’s favorite cookie.” When revealed to the public audience, this received some backlash, but it was later revealed that the ad was created for a one-time use at an advertising forum and not intended for distribution. Still, we have questions.