8 Of The Weirdest Things Male Idols Have Ever Admitted To Doing

They did what?

Sometimes our idols are caught doing some pretty strange things and other times they come right out and admit to doing them. Although these might be from their childhood or something they still do now, here are just a few of the weirdest things that K-Pop idols have ever admitted to doing and we still love them with all our hearts anyway!


1. Wanna One’s Kang Daniel likes to greet everyone…like a cat

Fans may think Kang Daniel is more like a puppy than a cat but according to the idol, he loves to channel his inner cat.


From the time he greeted Wannables with a slow cat blink greeting…


To the time he hissed at Jisung, Kang Daniel really wants everyone to know that he’s okay with being compared to kitties!


2. EXO’s Baekhyun used his lockpicking skills to bust in on the other member’s while showering

A lot of secrets were spilled during one episode of Knowing Brothers with the group. And perhaps most surprising of all was learning that Baekhyun used chopsticks to bust in on the other members while showering!


3. And so has EXO’s Chanyeol…

Then again Baekhyun isn’t the only one that has pulled that trick. Although the secret didn’t come straight from Chanyeol‘s mouth he certainly didn’t deny it when Kai let everyone know Chanyeol has done the same thing in the past.


4. INFINITE’s Sungyeol made a vine before they were even popular

Rumor has it that Wooliliment Entertainment gave Sunggyu their account information so that the group could upload their practice videos, but Sungyeol stole the information and with the help of Sungjong uploaded this video before vines were even really a thing.


But whether or not that’s true, fans are 100% certain that it was uploaded by Sungyeol!


5. SHINee’s Taemin had a taste for crayons and ants as a kid

Shawols aren’t exactly sure why Taemin decided everyone needed to know about his strange taste for crayons and ants as a kid…


But it somehow makes him even cuter, even if it is a little bit strange!


6. TVXQ’s Yunho only tried coffee because he went into the military

Most people know that there is a pretty big coffee culture in South Korea, so it might seem a little bit strange that Yunho never tried the drink before.


But what is just a little bit weirder is that he did it to challenge himself.


That’s right. Yunho admitted that when he decided to drink coffee it was as a big challenge for himself!


7. JYJ’s Jaejoong once tried cat food

During one interview in Japan, Jaejoong talked about seeing how excited his cat was when watching a commercial for cat food. So Jaejoong bought a can of the food and gave it a lick. Not only that, but apparently that particular cat food was tasty to him!


8. iKON’s Bobby likes touching his member’s butts

During one episode of Weekly Idol, iKONICs found out that Bobby really does like touching everyone’s butts because of their reactions. Everyone except B.I that is!