Weki Meki’s Yoojung Completely Devours The Stage In These 6 Fancams

She may be small, but her presence on stage is anything but.

Weki Meki‘s Yoojung has been known as an excellent performer ever since her days in I.O.I, and she has only refined her skills further since Weki Meki’s debut in 2017.

Yoojung during promotions for “Siesta” | @WekiMeki/Twitter

These 6 performances showcase just how good she is at ruling over the stage, but these are only a few of her many incredible showings.

1. “OOPSY”

Yoojung totally owned this era. Her sharp yet playful demeanor is absolutely mesmerizing.

2. “La La La”

Her charisma is totally off the charts in this performance of the group’s first comeback.

3. “Cool”

Yoojung is clearly on fire in this performance of their most swagger-filled song. This kind of fierce choreography is right in her wheelhouse.

4. “Picky Picky”

Her control over her expression really shines in this performance of one of Weki Meki’s most iconic bops.

5. “Siesta”

It goes without saying that Yoojung also slays the group’s more cutesy and lighthearted concepts. In this performance of the group’s latest comeback, she looks like an absolute princess and completely holds your attention.

6. “Tiki-Taka(99%)”

With her dazzling smile, Yoojung is a total star here.

Source: @WekiMeki

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