How Well Do You Know TWICE? Answer This Member-Approved Quiz To Find Out

The girls answered it too!

So you’re a fan of TWICE, one of the most popular groups in the K-Pop industry, but how well do you know them? Test your knowledge by taking this quiz! The girls themselves answered it, so rest assured that it’s a member-approved test.

Keep in mind that for some questions, you will have to refer to the video below.

Make sure to skip to the exact parts of the video so as not to spoil the answers! Are you ready? Read on.

1. When was the official debut of TWICE?

Expect this question to be the easiest of all since it’s the very first.

2. Spot 3 differences within 20 seconds.

Don’t forget to time yourself.

3. What’s the first variety show that TWICE appeared in after debut?

If you’ve been following the girls since debut, you’d know better than most what this is!

4. Listen to the sound.

Skip to 10:05 in the video to hear the sound. Can you tell whose voice it is?

5. What does Jeongyeon’s nickname “Yoottomak” mean?

The answer can be quite challenging for foreigners.

6. Momo revealed her mantra on TWICE TV2. What was it?

It’s a very Momo-like saying.

7. What song did Sana dance to at the global audition before her debut?

She danced to a popular song by a legendary group!

8. What can’t Jihyo eat a lot of because of her allergy?

Jihyo is allergic to this food.

9. What is Mina’s English name?

Mina was born in the United States, so she was given an English name. Do you know what it is?

10. July 2016: A fan asked something about military service, and Dahyun answered, “Eat a lot of ___ and do a lot of exercise before going in.”

What did Dahyun say?

11. Chaeyoung’s nickname from middle school was “Chi Jeong Chae.” What does it mean?

It could mean many things, but there’s only one correct answer.

12. What did Tzuyu say when she saw the phrase, “Even a ____ will wriggle if you step on it?”

It was a very random answer!

13. Listen to the last 3 seconds of this song and guess which song it is.

Skip to 16:32 to hear the clip. Have any idea which TWICE song it is?

14. Which place never held TWICE’s official fan meeting?

Choose among Grand Peace Palace of Kyunghee University, Blue Square, Amphitheater of Yonsei, and Hwajeong Stadium of Korea University.

15. Which music video is this from?

TWICE has many music videos, so good luck with this one.

16. Which event is the following sound from?

And now for the final question! Skip to 18:28 in the video to hear the sound. Hint: it’s from a fan meeting.

How many do you think you got right? Watch the full video below to check your answers!

Source: YouTube