These 9 Weverse Posts Prove That SEVENTEEN’s Vernon Is Just Like Us

SEVENTEEN’s Vernon is always showing his relatable side to fans on Weverse.

Most idol groups have some sort of social media service that allows them to communicate with their fans, and this is usually a way for fans to get a better sense of the idol’s personality. SEVENTEEN is no exception, and ever since they migrated from Fancafe to Weverse in March 2020, all the members have been giving fans a hilarious window into their personalities offstage. Of the thirteen members, it’s hard to say whose posts are the best, but Hip Hop unit’s Vernon is easily a top contender.


Even since before debut, Vernon has been known for his relatable, down-to-earth personality and off-beat humor, and his posts on Weverse have only accentuated this ever since he joined the site. Let’s run through some of his most classic posts that had us all dying.

9. “Self Care”

Who among us hasn’t tried out a weird type of face mask just to see what it was like? Getting your nose blocked isn’t an everyday occurrence, though.

8. “Forgot My PW”

Fans had noticed that Vernon hadn’t been posting much on the platform, but didn’t have many hints as to why. Vernon’s sudden confession had us all rolling on the floor.

7. “Handsome”

Yondu of Guardians of the Galaxy fame certainly isn’t the first person who comes to mind for many people when asked to name somebody handsome, but Vernon can’t be the only one out there, right? Right?

6. “Social Dilemma”

It can be tough to get that perfect shot of your friend. Vernon may not personally go to great lengths to take a nice picture himself, but at least he knows it’s tough.

5. “The Matrix Saga”

This whole ordeal kicked off with a post from his fellow member Hoshi. While most fans would expect Vernon to be pretty laid back, Hoshi exposed his savage side for all to see.

Not one to let his good name be besmirched, Vernon then responded to Hoshi’s post… to confirm it. We can say for sure we’d never try to watch a sequel with Vernon without seeing the first movie.

4. “Who else has a hard time holding back late night snacks”

It’s no unheard of to have the occasional hankering for something specific in the middle of the night, and Vernon certainly is not immune. Just goes to show that no matter how handsome you are, you will sometimes want a milkshake at midnight, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

Desperate to fight his craving, Vernon even ended up posting a picture of a burger and a milkshake on his Weverse moment, but the verdict remains fuzzy on whether that helped him at all. Rather, he probably just ended up making fans hungry instead.

3. “IYKYK”

Vernon really said it: if you know, you know. Not everyone possesses the superior intellect required to appreciate Spy Kids, but Vernon is clearly a member of the elite few!

2. “Hey Siri, play ‘Party Rock Anthem'”

The Venn diagram of fans of SEVENTEEN and fans of 2000’s electronic duo LMFAO is probably pretty slim, but they must’ve been going nuts when Vernon posted this. For the rest of us, we just flashed back to when this song was inescapable.

1. “Why was I like this”

By far, this has got to be Vernon’s most relatable post. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve looked back at old pictures and wondered, “What on earth were you doing?” Fortunately, most of us don’t have millions of fans to watch us do it.

All these posts go to show that while Vernon may be an idol, deep down, he’s just like the rest of us. He craves a burger in the middle of the night, he forgets the passwords of his accounts, and above all, he looks back on the past and wonders what he was thinking. One thing is for sure: fans can definitely expect many more hilarious posts from Vernon to come!

Source: @svt_verse and YouTube